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  1. Thank you guys so much and I will go through the suggested articles thoroughly.
  2. So I’ve decided to try my luck with bladesmithing and i am very excited! I am already in the works of obtaining an old air compressor tank for my forge tomorrow from a coworker for free. Score there. 1) As far as hammers and tongs are concerned, can I just buy my hammers from Lowe’s? Do they sale a bladesmithing quality of hammer? The tongs I will look at buying from a flea market or farrier outfit if I can find one or if you guys can recommend a place/website I would be greatful. 2) is leaf spring steel a good starter metal for a beginner? Is there a particular set of years in the automotive years to look for when hunting leaf springs? My dad seems to favor studabaker leaf spring steel because at the time he was able to get a hold of some and did well with only simple tools. Thank you in advance guys!
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