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  1. After a while I have finally finished this recurve. I have learned so much while making this. The blade is 1095 and the handle is bocote.
  2. Finally finished this recurve with a 1095 blade and bocote handle. I don't know how to post videos here, any tips? Blade length is 5 7/8". Blade thickness is 3/16". Blade width at belly is 1 1/8". Overal length is 10 1/2". 400 grit satin finish on blade. $350 shipped within US, $50 extra if you want a sheath. This is also posted on Instagram so I will sell to whoever comments or messages me first.
  3. With making hatchets you want to make sure you initially punch the hole strait so that you don't have to worry about drifting it straight. If you ever see that the blade it twisted like that after you forge the blade you can stick the eye in a vise (with the drift in) and twist it back straight. Always remember to turn that piece around when punching. Good luck with your endeavors!
  4. Much like you I am a beginner in this amazing craft, but I will share what I think has helped me the most with starting out. I got my first hammer from Sears. It was a 2 1/2# cross peen. As far as tongs go, Black Bear forge on YouTube has videos on how to make your first tongs very easily. I've tried to use leaf springs for knives and they just cracked in heat treat. I would use new steel for knives because you never know when reclaimed steel will have stress fractures. I did not start out just forging blades, I made hooks, bottle openers, and tools way before. I think that ski
  5. It's my second knife. I think that other skills in blacksmithing help with fit and finish on a knife. And also advise from my dad who makes jewelry and is a fit and finish pro haha. I'm just a 15 year old trying to do the best work I can.
  6. Hello I just wanted to share my first forged knife. I've made two blades before this but they cracked in HT. 20190728_172512.mp4 20190728_172512.mp4
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