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  1. looking for info on a ordep nepal kukri knife it has a 2 87 stamped on it does anyone know what this number means
  2. I don’t have it in my possession Charles but I’ll ask the owner looks like a w on the bottom the rest may be just pitting and scratches
  3. The more curved handle one was to meet what he wanted both are mage with 5160 with rosewood
  4. No argument here it’s not the idea material. I was just starting to make blades that was material that I had and didn’t even know if it would work, as well if i could even make a blade. Live and learn brother. I’ve only been making blades a couple years now yup still a newbie with lots to learn.
  5. Pretty cool I made mine from a coffee can using sand and plaster of Paris for insulator with a weed burner and a stainless tube from an old propane heater for the burner only draw back is the insulation is soft and tends to crack after repeated use.
  6. Thanks interesting read I wasn’t off very far with the tempering aspect
  7. Ok thanks just wanted verification on that perhaps I’ll put a stag handle back on it I do actually like the blade
  8. I find a lot of different opinions on this I had a chart for it but lost it. What’s the proper temp to achieve 56-58 crhw
  9. The only example of this blade shape o can find is one with a silver handle from the 1880’s. It seems obvious to me this handle has been modified either original handle broke or was robbed for the silver probably broke. The blade doesn’t have monetary value but does have history and as a knife maker I’d like to see it have a correct handle so other than silver does anyone know what it might have been stag antler wood.
  10. While researching makers marks I found literature on silver marks that showed symbols as year the anvil was 1921 I do t know if that’s what yours means but it’s possible. Yeah
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