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  1. I've made a little progress on the knife, got it heat treated over the weekend. I've just been working on it here and there as I have spare time.
  2. Very nicely done. I like that blade shape and the handle came out great as well. Great finish work.
  3. How about if you just tool a cross on the sheath?
  4. Try more air or block off some of your air ports to focus the heat when making smaller blades. You might also try opening up the size of the ports in your blower vent.
  5. I have a kydex holster that has pull the dot brand snaps and they are no joke. Not sure where to buy them though. They need to be oiled because they snap so tight.
  6. I've spent so much time in autocad it's easier for me to refine drawings in the computer now. It started with a hand sketch loaded as a image in autocad and traced it. Then I refined the shape from there. I think I can get pretty close to these dimensions. I've bought my materials to match the bolster and guard thicknesses, I don't have a means of forging yet so this will all be stock removal. I'm still waiting on materials and new grinder belts though and I've got a few projects going on around the house that are going to make this a slow project. I've thought ab
  7. I've been working on a design for my next knife and would like a little input on proportions, dimension, construction, etc. I've never done a hidden tang before and want to try a bowie style knife. Blade material: O1 Steel satin finish(1/8" thk. but thinking about going a little thicker) Handle material: Ivory paper micarta Pins: 1/8" dia stainless steel Guard and spacer: stainless steel (polished finish) I'm mostly concerned with the size of the spacer, guard, and tang. What do you guys think do my dimensions look about right? I'm sure some dimension
  8. I've used a small shop vac on a dimmer sitting outside the area of work with a hose going to a disposable tyvek hood. It was a bit cumbersome but it worked.
  9. Really awesome work. Nicely done sir.
  10. Something like this, a pair of cheap safety glasses and some foam earplugs is all you need. https://www.amazon.com/3M-Facepiece-Respirator-6291-Particulate/dp/B000FTEDMM/ref=sr_1_7?keywords=respirator&qid=1570224264&sr=8-7 It doesn't have to be super expensive. You do need it to fit your face properly. When getting more filter elements make sure they are P100 rated (that way it's good for almost all dust and other airborn contaminates) https://www.cdc.gov/niosh/npptl/topics/respirators/disp_part/default.html
  11. He didn't make long enough to find out the long term effects of his experiments. I cringed at many of the unsafe practices in his videos and they seem to continue even after his passing.
  12. Thanks for posting this, I always enjoy watching people who are good at their craft.
  13. Knife is looking good. How do you get the pin holes drilled perpendicular with the tapered tang?
  14. I'll never forget the day my buddy and I watched my dads tennis shoe catch fire while welding a roll cage in my car overhead. We figured he must have know and were laughing. Once he finished the weld he wondered what we were laughing about and told him his shoe was on fire. It wasn't a big flame but it was definitely on fire, he put it out pretty quick after he noticed. Hot metal has a way of finding flammable materials for sure.
  15. What's wrong with snap rings holding the bearings in place? If they are seated right they should hold quite well.
  16. That's why I was planning on buying one with carbide good to know yours has held up with the grinder. I just might make my own and then harden it. I have an extra length of O1 that's fairly thick. If not I could order something thicker.
  17. I'm planning on getting a file guide to help with the plunge lines and I also need to work on my grinder a bit. A work rest and flatter platten would help tremendously I think. If I do liners like that again I'm definitely going to have to poke some holes in something. It's not terrible but it feels a little off. I doubt most people would notice but I do. Thanks. I got a little ahead of myself on the sheath and ran the tooling up where the belt loop goes and didn't leave as much space as I'd like and it also fits a little tight at the blade. Still figuring out how much extra
  18. I had about .030" at the edge before sharpening. How thin would you go? This wasn't meant to be a heavy use chopper by any means. I realistically envisioned this for cleaning fish and game. I too feel like it could be thinner. So you think round the scales more in the top to bottom direction? I was a little afraid of getting it to feel too thin but I won't be afraid to give that a try on the next one. By reverse egg shape you mean like an upside down egg profile with the fat part at the top?
  19. Kinda on topic, talk about IR and UV on the eyes.
  20. I've finished up my 5th(ish) knife and I'm posting it up here for you guys to critique. I'm pretty happy with how it came out overall but there are definitely places to make improvements. Things that jump out at me. 1. Plunge lines need to be sharper. 2. Better sanding on the tang before polishing. 3. I scratched the blade on the back side while sharpening but I've mostly sanded that out. 4. The handle feels a little heavy. I don't think it would have been a problem with just the wood but the layers of brass didn't do me any favors. Next time I'd probably poke some ho
  21. Finally have some finished pictures for you guys. This is my fifth knife I've made if you don't count two small box opener/ utility knives that I made. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, I'll probably have another go at the sheath as I put this one together a little hastily last night. The sheath works but there is room for improvement for sure. I got a little ahead of myself in a couple spots like tooling where the belt loop goes. It could also use a better finish on the edge, I need to get something to help with that. I've found that b
  22. Putting the first edge on hard steel is less than fun. If I had more cajones I'd have taken more off with the trizact. That is all for now. Polished edge pictures tomorrow. I hope.
  23. I never think to use those but I have a few in my kit. I picked up a pair of 6" wheels at Lowes during lunch. The yellow one feels rougher than the white but I was hoping it would be softer than the white. White one is pretty soft though so it should work. I've wanted a buffing wheel on the grinder for a while now anyways. I never use the stone being it has the belt and disc on the other side. Buffing wheels are scary though, they beckon a good deal of respect. I remember watching the grinder I have now rip the front window molding off of the Olds out of my dad's hands and throw it
  24. I need to get a buffing wheel, all I have right now is a white scotch bright buffing belt that I got when I ordered my multitool. It works pretty well for metal but it feels a bit rough for a fine finish. Maybe I'll head to town at lunch and see if I can find one.
  25. There are a couple local stores that have a dozen or two micro brews in the large bottles. I like to try out a new one every once in a while, they are generally between $10-15 each for the larger bottles though so they aren't an every night kinda beer. One of my favorites that I've tried was a Flemish Sour Ale but I can't remember the brewer. I had no idea what to expect flavor wise but it reminded me a lot of mead or cider. Very different but addicting. Didn't have a super high alcohol content though, when I pay that much for a beer I like to get my moneys worth >10%. The Great
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