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  1. Hello Alan I'm new to this and just bought my first Anvil and am wondering if you could help me figure out the age of it. Seems you are the go to for this, do you have the AIA book? Anyways it is a Trenton I believe a 110LBS, on the left side if looking at the horn is stamped Z 110 and on the right is what I believe is the serial number, A1563 

    Anvil1.htm Anvil1.htm

    1. Alan Longmire

      Alan Longmire

      Hi Lonnie,

      I do have the book, and it tells me your anvil was made by Charles Zulty in 1898, the first year they were made by Columbus Forge and Iron Company of Columbus, Ohio.  Prior to that they were made by Boker in Germany and imported to the USA.  Yours should have a cast mild steel base welded to a forged mild steel body with a tool steel faceplate.  Your pictures didn't come through for some reason.  That's a very low serial number, by the way.  They made around 7000 anvils that year.

    2. lonnie neill

      lonnie neill

      Alan that is so cool, I got what I think is a really good deal on it,$100. I'm excited to get to work on it. Thanks for all the information.

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