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  1. I tried annealing the tip of the tang as you said by getting it white hot and then cooling to red slowly, It kind of worked but I couldn't get it truly white hot with just a plumbers blow torch. So the peening took a LOT of effort, It did work though in the end.
  2. A an Elmax scandal grind with stabilised Irish yew scales and red and aluminium liners. And a hidden tang Elmax flat grind with composite handle of angled laburnum and burr elm, with red and aluminium spacers.
  3. I sawed up some of the yew and stabilised a little, the purple colour only goes through some of the wood, It seems to be a reaction with the air as a lot of it sands off the surface. some of it however goes right through the wood. I have a lot of less burry but nicely coloured (orange and white) yew like the first knife I made, and also a lot that is somewhere in-between. I'll post more pictures soon.
  4. Would you guys be up for a group buy? I could send one package to USA for around £70 thats for 20Kg. Then there might be some sort of customs charge to pay at the other end, but I have read that there is an exemption for goods under $1600 so maybe not.. So one of you would need to receive the goods and distribute them from there. I'll post some pictures of some of the blanks and then you can see what you like the look of.
  5. Another chef knife with some more elm from the same tree.
  6. Ok, I’ll need to look into customs and things. Once I have a package ready i’ll photograph some and let you see it.
  7. I’ve got a couple, I just need to get a load dry, should be ready to ship some in a few weeks..
  8. The one I bought is a large steel container with a perspex lid. Cactus juice can attack perspex apparently but it shouldn't come into contact with the lid. I bought a really large container so that I can put the actual solution and blanks in a second container inside the main tank. This works really well, well I've only used it once so far but I was really glad I bought the big one. I could even stabilise multiple batches at once with two different colours in two containers if I wanted to....
  9. I’m in Scotland, South East..
  10. Yes, I don’t have the space for a forge.. I might try grinding a blade and then getting it heat treated somewhere at some point.
  11. A full tang chef blade with stabilised semi burr elm handle and red liners.
  12. They look really nice! My knife making Is in its infancy so I won’t be needing any more wood. Although I really like that rippled stuff at the bottom. I’m really making knives for fun and to show off the wood that I’m going to be selling. I have some nice burl too, mostly elm but some birch as well.. im looking out for some rippled sycamore which looks very much like that rippled stuff you have (Our sycamore is an Acer like your maple; Acer pseudoplatanus, where as yours is Platanus occidentalis.)
  13. Thanks, that’s interesting, I thought elmax would need some sort of special treatment. I’ll let you know how it goes.
  14. I have an Elmax Scandinavian style stick tang blank that I’m going to make a handle for. I want to put a stainless cap with a countersink on it and peen over the end of the tang. My problem is that the steel has already been hardened and will need to be heated to break the hardening and soften it up. So what’s the best way to soften it? Heat the tip red and cool it slowly? Or just blue it a little? Thanks.
  15. Kind of, , i’ll Try and do it with the least wastage, there are some pieces with much more included bark and debris so on those once’s I will simply cut out the nicest sections where ever they happen to be and discard the rest. That timber is in a dehumidification kiln at the moment, it is below 20% moisture now so it shouldn’t be too much longer till it’s ready. i don’t have a US wholesaler lined up right now but I might be able to do a group buy if enough forum members were interested. I have no idea what’s involved in shipping to the US in terms of laws and taxes either.
  16. That yew is fairly close grained, those boards are around 9 knives each, so there’s still scope for some interest. I have sawed up a few bits from that log which was over a ton. There’s lots more to come, it just takes time to dry. There’s a fair bit of wastage due to all the included bark and aerial roots, I’ve done two bands on the saw on pebbles that are stuck in there too. It will be worth it though.
  17. Cheers Doug. The other side....
  18. My first attempt at a knife handle. Partly for fun and partly to show off the blanks that I’m going to be selling I put a handle on a Brisa skinner. It’s made from some yew I had in the workshop, the best of my yew wood is still drying, see top pic. It’s a fairly round handle as I often reverse the knife when I’m skinning so I can use it blade up or blade down.
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