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  1. I also live in upstate NY where several battles of the revolutionary war took place. So I can surmise the anvil was brought here by first settlers of the area. It was located near Lake Champlain just south of the Canadian border. The things this anvil has been witness to is unimaginable.
  2. Thank you so much both of you. I appreciate all the input. I can stop wondering and use it well. I will refrain from taking a belt sander to the face. It's flat enough and free of too many tool marks. So stoked I got this, I was striking out finding an anvil in my budget.
  3. Hey everyone I'm new here, and just getting into the craft. I acquired an anvil from a generous person who gave it to me as long as I forge him something. Obviously I graciously agreed to do so. There is no visible marks to identify it other 0 3 5. I understand that is how to determine it's weight. I've exhausted all my online resources to attempt to identify this anvil. Closest thing it resembles is a Alsop Anvil? Anyway I'm hoping someone can help me here.
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