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  1. I totally appreciate the input, no hurt feelings on my end. I like tinkering so if I gotta start from mostly scratch then so be it! I went with this design because it worked so well with my single pipe forced-air smelter I made using a blow dryer and 3/4" pipe. I was hoping to duel purpose this as my new smelter and be able to learn forging. So I guess what I was doing was trying to get the same force from the burners but it sounds more like I need to have less force but more heat circulating around the chamber. I'm sorry for bothering y'all with the dumb newbie stuff, but with
  2. I'm having trouble producing enough forced air even with the leaf blower I tested on it. Is it because I used 3/4" pipe externally? The torches inside are also 3/4" with a 1" bell on the end. Also, I added another ball valve to decrease flow on the middle pipe because all the air was running stage through and not going to the side pipes.
  3. 1)How many pounds of kast-o-lite should I get? 2)By sealing the surface, are you referring to the outside (in my case, the blue) surface?
  4. Does this blower seem adequate for the burners? I'm considering "damming" the back of my forge (but still slightly open for venting) so I can effectively shorten the length to 1 or 2 burners as needed, but want a blower that can handle 3.
  5. I did mention the 2000° insulation will be the outer shell and the ceramic insulation would be the inner (it's rated for 2400°). Will the ITC-100 and the ceramic insulation be enough to protect the weaker insulation?
  6. I would definitely love some guidance in the piping area, currently using 3/4 black pipe. How much was the blower?
  7. I do have a back opening but it was added after that first internal pic. I made it slightly larger than my fire brick to allow heat retention and allow some air flow as well. Thank you for replying! Very excited to get this going.
  8. This is my first attempt at building a forge and I've not forged a damn thing yet (though I did make a smelter from an old propane tank to melt down precious metal) ..so I'm building a three-torch forge from an old well pump tank I got for $25, the stand cost $20, pipes cost around $40 I suppose. I've painted the inside with 2000° heat paint, then lining the outer layer with about 4" thick 2000°+ insulation followed by 1" ceramic insulation and then ITC-100 (or something cheaper if I can find where to buy). I know it's huge, but I couldn't pass up the deal for the tank and it was already fit
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