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  1. This is what I’ve gone for. I am thinking glow in the dark a bit pointless on such a small scale! handle is flamed maple, now thinking pins 1 and 3 this mosaic, with pin 2 something easily obtainable? Maybe brass or stainless steel, thinking brass currently..... I'm very much a newbie, this is blade 003.
  2. Ok, so committed that cardinal sin, of measuring inaccurate lengths and cutting my mosaic pins. basically, I need 3 x 25mm by 4mm diameter, I now have only 2 as the measurements are out. So, dilemma, bin the lot and start again, or, go for a 3rd pin being different. My thoughts, go for a glow in the dark pin for the 3rd (bushknife). can I find one anywhere? anyone got any ideas or left overs? thanks.
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