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  1. I do have more steel, I may just cut the tang off and make a smaller knife. As it stands, the blade is almost 11" and that gives me plenty to make it into something else. Sadly, I haven't had any time to work on it more due to two recent deaths in the family. Thank you for the input. I really do appreciate it!
  2. billyO, that's very true. Now I'll know what to look for going forward. I'm as green as it gets, and I won't catch things that anyone with more experience will. Thanks to everyone for the critique and support.
  3. I think that's it! A bit too narrow toward the heel and needs a little more curve. Thanks to everyone on the input! This has got to be the best smithing community out there!
  4. Maybe it is the tang length that makes it look so off. I was thinking of peening the handle on once I got that far. Which, I haven't even sourced my handle material yet. Probably just go with a simple maple or possibly oak.
  5. Well, it's an attempt. For some reason, something just doesn't look right and I can't quite put my finger on it (and not just because it was still hot). I'm more than willing to be put through the ringer on why it doesn't look right to me.
  6. It has been a very long time since I've last posted. I've just been snooping the forum and practicing as much as I can. I think it's time for me to get more serious about the craft. This is a kitchen knife I started yesterday, there's some refining work to finish up forging.
  7. I just mean would this be interesting enough to not be frustrated about it not actually being a solid chunk of hematite
  8. Haven't been on in a while. I have a question for some of our more experienced smelters out there. If you were to find a huge amount of beautiful hematite rocks in small sized only to find that most of them were just pyrite encased in hematite when you began breaking them apart, would wou be frustrated or amazed by mother nature? I'm talking small layer of hematite over large chunk of pyrite. Like a pyrite geode...
  9. That needed saying for sure, Don. Nothing burns me up more than someone complaining about what's happening somewhere else when we've got plenty to deal with locally. To heck with kudzu and coyotes!!!!
  10. I got bored at work and cold worked a couple of copper clips into miniature choppers...
  11. Being elementary school and being in the south I'm sure some of the kids were wondering why in the world the principal was dressed like their daddy hahaha!!! Born and raised in the south btw, poking fun at myself as much as anyone
  12. So... I figure with everyone's great sense of humor here, I would share somethin amazing that happened today. The principal at my daughter's elementary school showed up for the last day before Christmas break dressed as cousin Eddie from Cristmas Vacation! Not the leisure suit either, no way, no how. The man actually pulled up in an RV, stepped out wearing shorts, boots, a house coat, and the same hat, and pulled out the sewage hose and pretended to pump it into the storm drain! He may be my hero...
  13. I like dropping the tip a little, I hadnt even thought of that . I haven't taken pics, but I actually turned it into a paring knife lol. Now just have to get around to actually finishing it!! BTW, sorry for the delayed response!!!
  14. I've already sent him the link to the entire bloomers and buttons thread
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