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  1. Pretty sure I have identified this object, removed residue paint, and slight electrolysis revealed marks of welded press stud pieces, and oil holes. I think someone has removed a lot of blade, and painstakingly ground a new , modern, shorter shape, and worked the blade, as well as rounding off the pommel, to remove any buttons etc....sigh....the grip ? screw holes, and oil hole align perfectly with a photograph of an 1888 and onward, Lee Metford Bayonet.
  2. A distinct possibility, the handle may have been added, hard to see in the picture, but there does seem to be a "rough" joint on the handle side...
  3. Thanks Geoff, the rear attachment has me puzzled as well. The quillion ? ( curved bit opposite the muzzle ring ) also has me perplexed, this thing would be upwards of 50-60 years old, it was in this condition when i found it , well worn and rusty, 50 years ago, so it's origins would be well beyond that, really early AK perhaps, due to the size, but the shape of the muzzle attachment may be a clue somewhere....
  4. Hello all, thanks for letting me join the forum. I have had, for many years a bayonet, ( I found at a rubbish tip ), and was wondering if any enthusiasts or collectors could throw any light onto what type it may be. Problems are... No markings at all ( rusted and pitted )... No press stud ( but a small hole about 30mm from pommel ). The blade is around 142mm, very close to AK type bayonets, and has an overall length of 264mm. The muzzle ring isn't round, and I wonder if that would indicate the type of weapon it related to. Other than the muzzle ring it appears to be a knife, it may of course h
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