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  1. Thing move slow in my world, I got a different plan set up and some bigger tubing. I got a new welding helmet and I can now see what I am doing and I also picked up a stick/DC TIG welder and I have been using the stick for everything now and love using it. Here is the progress on my press I just need to weld the anvil base on top and bottom and tidy up the rest of the welds and hook up a something to release the air. Then build some dies but steel is getting hard to get here :(
  2. I started mine and I realized my jack is a 30 tonne and has a little bigger bottom on it but I can still make it work I think I have 8 ft of 1"x2" I can add to the side of my base to give me the extra area. Great inspiration in here keep it up I have a pic but I can't seem to post it.....Got it LOL
  3. This is great I already have the jack so building the rest of this SHOULD be fairly straight forward I have a cheap 115 volt MIG welder that I hope will work I do have a 220V Lincoln stick but my shop is not wired for it yet. Now I just need to start scrounging for steel, or just bite the bullet and buy it.
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