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  1. Thank you to everyone who has helped me this far. i've given up on the two brick forge and am going to try one last design. can 2,700 degree rated regular firebrick that you get from home depot be used in a traditional forge design with a burner coming down from the top. like this.
  2. Im following alan longmires previous instructions. also i tried angling it like in your diagram and it still isn't working.
  3. It appears to be working even worse. What did i do wrong?
  4. Ok, do you have any suggestions for plugging the holes i've already made? Also do i need a hotter burner or will the bernzomatic torches work?
  5. i Have tried with just one burner and wasn't able to get any part of the knife up to non magnetic.
  6. I need help with this two brick forge i made following instructions from the youtube channel outdoors55. With two burners going at once i was able to get half the knife up to non magnetic. However, just to get half the knife up to non magnetic i had to let it sit for 20 minutes and then move it back and forth. I kept at this method for almost 40 minutes and then gave up because i could not get it non magnetic throughout the entire blade. Btw i was using 1084 steel and attempting to normalize twice then quench. This is my second failed attempt at a forge so help would be very much appreciated.
  7. Cool, thanks! do you think a bernzomatic propane torch would work. i'm up to building a burner but don't want to spend money building one till i know if i like knifemaking. Thanks for the help on this post and my 2 other recent posts!
  8. I have heard different opinions and want to hear from ppl on here.
  9. Thanks everyone! Do you think a bernzomatic propane torch will be sufficient for a chamber 2-3 inches in diameter?
  10. I am planning on lining my paint can forge with kaowool and i was wondering if there are significant medical risks with using it. If so, do i need to cover it with some form of refractory? Also, I know that plaster of paris and sand isn't a refractory but would it work to cover the kaowool and simply to keep the kaowool from degrading? Thanks in advance. Ps. I am curious about the plaster of paris and sand because i have a ton of it.
  11. Also, any suggestions on how to enlarge the size of the hole which the propane goes through?
  12. Thanks! i was already half way done with the forge when i learned about the plaster of paris problem. Hoping to heat treat one knife with this forge and then upgrade it to a firebrick kaowool situation
  13. I recently followed one of those coffee can forge videos utilizing pop and sand. I am aware that this is a heat sink, but have already put a lot of work into the forge and want to finish it regardless if it is inefficient. My main problem is after running for 20 seconds the propane torch appear to run out of oxygen and sputter out. The problem isn't the propane as I have run it by itself and it hasn't gone out. Any help or feedback would be appreciated. Please let me know if you need pictures.
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