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  1. yikes this looks magnificent, the longer you look the more details pop out
  2. I really need to make a scabbard for it eventually, just haven't yet found good info on how to make a metal one Thank you Haven't done any real forge welding to date but that really sparked an idea in my head for more ornate one in this style
  3. I've been fascinated by germanic single edged weapons for a long time and made this one a few months ago 29cm long blade that's 7mm thick at the bolster The nagel goes through the bolsters and tang and peened to hold everything solidly together, the beech scales are fastened with rolled copper tubes, buttcap was then peened onto the tang
  4. Yes, I'm still slowly figuring out how big or small handles should be but pretty sure I'll get it eventually. And yes that's the hammer it's a 50kg VEB
  5. I hope it won't feel too much spamming but thinking about going through my finished shelf and make a few posts about those I'm comfortable with showing others This is my first forged sword. When I began straightening out and beating on the leaf spring I didn't really have any clear idea about what I was attempting to make. Ideas went from a messer to dao to elven and ended up as a cutlass with a bit of steampunk vibe to it. Overall lenght is 770mm Blade length is 625mm 34mm wide at the base 7mm thick at the guard and tapers down to 3mm 30mm from the tip Weight is 1016grams and the pob is 10cm from the guard Bevels are flat ground from edge to back Had a piece of stabilized and smoked oak for the handle and decided to try out fluting that came out okayish. Single strands of copper wire inlayed in the handle as I didn't find thin enough copper wire to twist at the time. Guard is mild steel and copper that got a coat of gunblue span widgetspan widget
  6. A cleaver I made from 80crv would maybe have shown a little more activity with a finer polish Used Holtz gun gum muffler sealer on the back
  7. Thank you. Yes I've been looking at his work for some time now, always good to have something great to strive for. The heat treat was interesting but manageable, for future projects I will definently want to build a vertical forge dedicated to heat treating long blades It was intentional yes. I peened and wedged the crossguard solidly to the blade and then peened the pommel to the tang before fitting the wooden core halves around the tang to make the assembly as solid a possible. I have next to no experience with leather so that wrapping was by far the most frustrating part of the process, specially because I decided to tuck the edges of the leather. This wrap is meh at best but I think with a bit more practice a tucked in edge makes the handle look more finished
  8. Hello, new here and wanted to show off my latest build. Just recently got a power hammer and the amount of metal it can move inspired me to try making bigger blades. Blade is spring steel recycled from old agricultural equipment. With closer forging I might be able to go bigger with those springs but not by much Crossguard and pommel made from, quite possibly medieval, wrought iron that I got a bar of from a friend that had gotten it out of a church built 1150 Handle leather over beech core Weight: 1193grams Oal: 107 cm Blade length: 87cm Pob: 16cm from guard Cop: 56cm from guard Blade width at base 43mm 7,5mm thick at base I'm still a rank amateur so any constructive criticism is welcome
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