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  1. Got quite a bit done yesterday. Finished tooling the scabbard and dyed it and peened the sword together. Last major issue left is making a somewhat presentable chape
  2. Started on the tooling on the scabbard. Good thing with sewing it on the edge is twice as much space for it Various different kinds of wyverns and wyrms and felt a need to add a rabbit in there too
  3. well, got the first half all done. Getting a little stressed with time so further patinination will have to wait for now
  4. Got the pins peened on the waki grip and added a buttplate. To help with the aged look I chose a dye that is quite hard to apply evenly and went out of my way to apply it as unevenly and badly as I could And of course I was out of the thickness of brass I want to use for the sheath fitting will brush the guard up a little bit and once everything is peened on I'll give it some more fuming to even out the patina and hopefully even get some of it to stain onto the leather. Then I sewed up the grip and wrapped parts of it
  5. Wakiseax grip sewn on and it's sheath is taking shape. Looks like a few days of drilling and filing for the metal fittings will be needed And got the wooden core for the sword shaped and only need to wrap a few hundred meters of threads still before giving it a coat of glue. After measuring back and forth along with much brainstorming I ended up with a much shorter grip than I had thought of at some point. It's still massive though but brings the overall length down to something that could be easily carried on your side
  6. Went on with sanding the blade yesterday and then left it overnight in fresh vinegar acid. In retrospect I see that next time I'll need to make the twisted parts longer and straight sections shorter on the middle bars and the edgebar could have been smaller as well. Now the question is wether and how I could weather and antique the blades up to fit the old and worn look?
  7. This looks like a good solid base for further steps
  8. Assembled the guard, took the guard off the wakiseax and did a pretty rough 150grit finish on both followed by a light buff. I think that should give me a good base for that patina I have in mind Then, as the waki has a habaki that also needs patina I put the guard back on it and now I'm letting both fume overnight with ammonia. That will just be the first phase of patina on them as there will be more brass fittings on the grips. Plan is to then give those fittings the same treatment before assembly and then once everything is together they will get more cycles to
  9. Day 4 of this guard, still a lot to do to the individual pieces before assembly and then there will be even more filing after that too The back plate has a different design that I'm still getting the shape of but four of the holes match up with the front and will be opened up on the horn pieces as well
  10. Been shaping the front half of the guard today. Was taking forever with the files so while rummaging through my drawers looking for something useful I came across a box of these tiiiiny mill bits. No recollection where I got them from but chucked them into the Dremel and they seem to work great for bulk removal of materials Still going to take a day or two more of filing to get the face of the plate where I want it
  11. Going to be filing away on the large guard for the next days. But here's a peen And a cleaned peen Have the grip core formed so next will be adding some risers and do some leatherwork while I figure out what kind of scabbard it will get
  12. That felt like eternity. Reliefs cut on the front part of the guard, remind me to get a jewelers saw before I do something like this again Next will be another eternity with files to get some depth and shape to it and then repeat on the back half
  13. Got the materials for the guard cut out and fitted to the tang. So now I'm trying to decide on what kind of cutouts and filework they should have
  14. That's a really nice xva I would say. And that's the cleanest peen I've seen in a long time
  15. I swear I have my attention disorder almost under control. While I was waiting for supplies to continue with the fantasy set I decided to work on this one but simply couldn't put it away until it was finished I do like making weird swords and the type xviiie definitely fits that category. Only really popular in Denmark between the 1450s to 1490s it is a weapon specialized to deal with plate armoured opponents The one I made would be at the very upper end of plausible lengths for them at 160cm but one of the extant pieces found in Sorø sø has the tip missing and might h
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