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  1. Next up will be making a fancy box in the same theme as the set
  2. They are all beautiful but the blade on the middle one has me mesmerized
  3. And now back to working on the serving set. Filing in some lines to frame where I'm planning on some ring and dots and experimenting a bit with giving the brass an aged look
  4. And made a simple sheath for it as well. Was tempted to make a belt loop for it because you never know when you might have to carve a steak or chop some onions
  5. I really shouldn't be left unsupervised . The dragon is 45 layers of 75Ni8 and 80CrV2 with a 23cm cutting edge and 53mm high at the heel. Starts at a chunky 5mm thick at the bolster and distal tapers to 1mm 2cm from the tip. Handle is of course ebony and brass. Thinking I really need to make a fancy sheath for it as well
  6. Nicely done. Shows very well how far good preparation and planning goes
  7. First time to finish an integral Pretty happy with it overall and ebony polishes up quite nicely
  8. This got me curious so had a better look at the knife itself. It also shows hints of these patterns in the plain steel. And a side note I had never thought of before. I drew the temper in the bolster area back enough to be able to file it and it reacts completely differently to the vinegar acid and gets much darker
  9. Excuse the hairs, my dogs are shedding like crazy But this looks kind of interesting after a bit of etching. It's the endcut of a billet one of the integrals are made from and going to use it as a butt cap on its handle. The top and bottom parts are just plain 80crv2 that I had forged down from 6x40mm strip into a square bar to fit the billet but now after the etch it almost looks like wrought
  10. that is really cleanly done and I love the blade shape and the medieval vibe it gives
  11. Started some integral bolster practice. Keeping the bolster in line with the back and drawing the heel back towards the handle is something I need to get better at
  12. I really like them, the blades have a medieval shape to them
  13. It's all very unscientific My vinegar bucket probably started at 50/50 32% vinegar acid and water but that was months ago and I kind just add one or the other as it evaporates. It seems like it gets better the more I use it and dirtier it gets. If I remember correctly I dumped them in in the morning, left for an hour and then sanded lightly with 1200 grit paper and then left a few more hours before repeating with it the light scrubbing with the same now worn down 1200 paper. All in all probably around 6-7 hours. But it's basically just to the point where I can barely f
  14. Wasn't completely happy with these so took them back to the grinder and thinned them down quite a bit. Vinegar acid followed by a night in coffee really brings the pattern out. Started on handles and scratching my head a bit on how to decorate them. But think I'll have to make a ring and dot tool
  15. I love this plan. How about a bauernwehr or rugger instead of bowie?
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