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  1. I must confess progress has been much slower than planned. Had to start working construction again for the time being along with other things and unnervingly low energy levels leaving me only precious few hours a week in the workshop. That aaaand I might have gotten distracted and started on a great big sabre as well But have been slowly refining the shape with draw filing and planning to heat treat both of these blades at the same time. One week I've been leaning towards a Swiss style baselard grip the other I've been looking at pictures of ale house dagger
  2. The scale is a great way to keep eye on progressively shedding weight of each piece and fine tune it. I actually think it is quite hobbits as they are small and stout people that like the finer things in life and comfort so when they would find themselves in the dire need to arm themselves they might not see a reason elaborately engrave and pretty up a tool that doesn't really follow their life philosophy
  3. It was actually two years yesterday that I finished my first blade. I had wanted to become a bladesmith for years and had just moved countries to make that become a reality. As you may notice I liked long knives then and that has only grown on me But I do think there has been some improvements over this time even though I don't have as much time as I would like to practice
  4. While I was beginning on another sword I threw this piece of steel I with it and wanted to see how long I could draw it out with no real plans as usual. Ended up with a 46cm long blade and way to big of a tang. Also decided that I will to most of the stock removal with a file as I just got some fresh big mill files and I actually think it's going faster than with the belt grinder Haven't fully decided yet what kind of hilt will go on it. First thought was a Swiss baselard type but the do feel rather plain and I kind of want to try something challenging.
  5. I have made a couple of failed attempts at making a scraper like shown above but have had the best results with a dremel like this and various sizes of sanding rolls. It's not the optimal use of the rolls as I have to tilt it a bit but whatever gets the job done
  6. Think the scabbard is just about done then. Now I have to decide what kind of suspension system would suit it
  7. After spending a few days thinking wether to play it safe and keep the scabbard plain or try yet more new things and risk ruin everything. Bought a swivel knife a punch and some spoons and went on to forget that I had actually planned on practicing on some scrap leather until I was halfway through
  8. Got the rest of the leather trimmed and glued and started working on a chape. Ground down a piece of steel to roughly the shape of the scabbard tip and formed some brass around it. Got it soldered and cleaned up and now in the process of cutting and filing some motife into it
  9. I have found a new and even more stressful thing to do than wrapping the handles After letting to wooden core stand for a few days I shaped the outside and covered it in a single layer of linen. Then waited a few more days doing other things while building up the courage to start on the leather work Wet molded sheaths for the by knife and pricker then glued them to the scabbard at a slight angle outwards at the top. Almost cut the leather for the scabbard itself the wrong way but cought myself just in time I'll try a butted seam nex
  10. That's a really interesting pattern and I like how you did it as I'm not a huge fan of patterns that waste two thirds of the material
  11. Like everyone else I am having problems with pricing my stuff even when trying to go after some time+materials formulas This here for example is a small 45 layer knife with a buffalo horn and cocobolo handle, and some excuse for a sheath for it and I'm stumped at deciding what I should ask for it. So I am very open to any and all honest opinions and ideas of what it should be worth
  12. Finally got around to sitting down and try to make sheaths. I have no doubt that leatherwork can be pleasurable once you get the hang of it but I'm still far from proficient
  13. Ran out of things to do as excuses not to begin on this For the next time I'll remember to buy a lot more gluing clamps
  14. Haha! Yes it's quite unnerving how he manages to put ideas in your head without you even realizing it but a pleasant man to talk to and shares his knowledge in a very understandable way But just got my 0.4 mm plywood in the mail today and right now I do feel way over my head
  15. Well, this project keeps getting more comprehensive Had a chat with Peter Johnsson about scabbard making and that lead to much more elaborate plans As I'm now waiting for materials I've begun on a pricker and by knife to go with it and contemplating making either a dagger or bauernwehr in matching style
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