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  1. I love curved swords and the details of the hilts are just amazing. Great job
  2. I guess that by now my love for nagel equipped blades comes as no surprise Forged from a harrow spring and is 5mm thick at the front of the bolsters and tapers in all directions from there, no plunge lines and the tang is deeply fullered under the scales. Having no truly parallel surfaces really does make assembly fiddly but it helps capture the look and feel of the originals and is surprisingly light for it's size. Scales are second grade ebony that I actually prefer over first grade ones as they have a lot more interesting colours. I got various chunks of
  3. Looking great so far. How thin was it when quenched? From my experiments with such thin tall blades it really helps to get the sides as symmetrical as humanly possible to minimize the warping. But I have also started to clamp them straight out of the quench between big and thick angle irons in my vice and let them cool down under pressure which really seems to help with keeping everything straight.
  4. And the last one of those. Clay hardened c100 steel, 3.2mm at the shoulder and had a convex distal taper. 58mm tall at the heel and a 22cm cutting edge. Buffalo horn, tin and cocobolo in the octagonal handle
  5. And one more. Clay hardened C100 steel. 3.2mm thick at the bolster and has a convex distal taper to the tip. 60mm tall at the heel and a 22cm cutting edge. Handle is ebony, copper and mallee burl. On one hand I kind of want to spend a day rubbing it with lemon juice and polish but on the other I'm curious how it will end up with a natural patina with use Have one more to go before turning the focus to a bunch of outdoor knives and then maybe just maybe I'll have time for some of the swords that are strewn around the workshop
  6. And the latest one. Probably not the most efficient blade shape but just wanted to make it Clay hardened C100, 21cm cutting edge and is 60mm tall so knuckles are free from the cutting board even with that overall shape. I spent quite a bit of time finishing and putting small bevels on each piece of the handle before assembly and I do think it was worth the time. Buffalo horn, copper and a really interesting piece of boxwood
  7. I think I'm going to call this one the compensator Clay hardened C100 steel, 3.2mm thick at the bolster, 60mm tall and a 35cm cutting edge. Handle is ebony and aged brass. Balance point is right on the x
  8. Thanks for kind words Was looking at it today and decided that it kind of needs a by knife as well before I make a sheath for it so will be starting on that tomorrow
  9. Well, finally got around finishing this one. Decided to drop the butt cap as it didn't feel like it fit with the handle shape. Olive wood scales and oh I love the smell when sanding it, and it also looks kind of nice.
  10. And even more. Slowly getting better at ending up with a cladding somewhat symmetrical between sides. Forging them very close to thickness to get the cladding close to the edge has had me sweating in the grinding room about actually finding the core steel
  11. And some more san mai practice. Both made from identical sized billets
  12. Been doing some more san mai blades and have finally gotten around to having stencils done to actually mark the blades I make. Pink ivory and ebony for the handle on this one. I like those tropical woods mostly because all you need to do to get a nice finish is just sand and polish
  13. this is a pure work of art
  14. Starting to fit some handle pieces. Getting holes aligned when everything tapers in one direction or another is fun
  15. Well, got this finished up and feel a little underwhelmed. Might have needed some dragon heads or something
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