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  1. Well I'm started in another billet and found out what the problem was last time. It's so cold in the workshop that the dyes of the power hammer draw the heat out of the outermost layers preventing them from welding. Feel silly over not realizing it earlier but live and learn so next time I'll heat a block of steel and use it to warm the dyes up before taking the billet to them.
  2. Yes, it was going to have slightly more layers than those. Ground it and it looked pretty good except for what looked like a tiny delamination. Didn't look so small after quench though So now I have to wait until I can get more steel
  3. Well, to my surprise it was quite well received in a national fb group and one is keen to buy them all and asked if I could make a 9" chefs knife to go with them So I cut and stacked a bar I had leftover and drew this out. Not very close in profile but will see what the grinder can make of it
  4. I used 75Ni8 and 1.2210 steels for the billet and I just etch in vinegar or citrus acid over night. I had these laying in coffee for a day after as well if I recall correctly
  5. Now kitchen knives really aren't my thing so after I finished the blades and glued the handle blocks on them they just sat on a shelf for months but thought it was about time to finish them so I can put them in the case of things I don't use. The small one is 45 layers while the other two are 135 with cocobolo handles and buffalo horn.
  6. The weather cleared up a bit so I could go outside and get better pics of the sheath. Overall pretty happy with the outcome and definitely want to try more complex leatherwork
  7. Wish I had the tools to cast, maybe next year. Chape formed from brass sheet and rods. Next thing I need to think about is setting up a dedicated photographing corner as the light I'm the workshop and inside the house are really really bad
  8. A dagger need a sheath and because I hate myself I thought it would be a good idea to make one that covers the front rondel as well The inner layers are easy enough to mold but templating the outer one and then slowly molding it around the rondel was a long process and my thumbs still hurt. The stitching is not my strong point but I take consolation in the fact it's absolutely horrendous on so many originals as well. Next up is making a chape for it
  9. And a few process pictures for good measure. This had a lot more parts than I'm used to so getting things lined up was frustrating at times I'm planning to make a sheath for it but still looking for information on how to go about it as I want it such that the front rondel seats down into it as well.
  10. I seem to have a problem with actually finishing stuff I begin on lately, my workshop time has not managed to be the stress reliever it usually is but I did start and finish this in December so yay me. A pretty middle class rondel dagger I made for a challenge in the WEAPONS fb group. It's relatively short with a 20cm long blade as I wanted to make something that one might carry in every day life to show off his status rather than a dedicated weapon of war. The blade itself has a rather interesting shape, a very elongated pentagon cross section with deeply hollow ground main
  11. Enjoying the process of the project and thats some very clean forging and definitely going to save a lot of time grinding
  12. Decided on a handle and using african blackwood and copper. Still trying to figure out how I will do the bolster and butt cap. I am tempted to try and tig weld the bolster pieces together after forming them as it might give a cleaner appearance than brazing it, or melt the whole thing
  13. And spent yesterday evening trying to figure out a handle for it
  14. I have way too many projects going already along with very limited energy but last weekend I was working on a damascus billet I thought I was going to use for Christmas presents. Miscalculation in cutting it up left me with a piece of 15 layers that I thought I could just as well forge out into a bar and twist it for something. It ended up long enough that I decided give this a try. Cut a piece of 75 layers and drew it out to a similar length as the two twisted ones, cleaned them just a little bit before tack welding them and throwing them back in the forge.
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