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  1. And actually got a commission to make a knife for once. 115crv3 core with a damascus cladding the I made so long ago I have no idea about layers in it The ebony in the grip is just amazing but my phone just really can't pick up the deep colours and tones in it
  2. Lit up the forge for the first time this year and got this heat treated along with starting up some new billets So I guess next up should be making a habaki
  3. Got a little bit done on this today. Ground the fullers in, scraped them and got them sanded to 400 for minimal post quench clean up. Filed the spine and eyeballed the flats for the habaki. So now I think I just need to finish some sanding an drilling a hole in the tang and it's about ready for heat treating
  4. Been a while since the last but here's a nakiri that now just needs some final polish and sharpening The core is 115crv3 with a cladding in 75ni8 and 80crv2 Decided to try out an heirloom fit on the gidgee handle against the copper washer and think I'll continue making them with the edges slightly rounded instead on the next ones
  5. Haha this is awesome, there truly is nothing new under the sun
  6. A bit of grinding and a lot of filing. And now I'm thinking about adding a fuller or two just because I can. Now as a pure fantasy piece I'm not bound to any traditions and there really isn't any wrong way to make this abomination but am wondering, on traditional Japanese blades, does the fuller stop in front of the habaki or continue under it?
  7. Yes I was thinking something like that with horn on either end of the sheaths, mostly because the wood I have left is so short and tin between definitely to make it match the knife. Now that I think about it that way I might be able to sneak in a little hook on the back of the sheath for a strap to go on a belt
  8. I've had these damascus rods laying on top of my forge for a couple of months while working on other stuff and finally decided to put them to use. The plan was to make a fancy migration era inspired kitchen knife or two out of them but for whatever reason the edge steel just didn't want to weld to the rest But as the other rods are all 75ni8 and 80crv2 that won't really effect edge strength except those kitchen nerds around here are very particular about having only one kind of steel on the edge. So then this is heading in a completely different direction now
  9. So as I was looking for something completely else I stumbled upon a small pile of Damaskus blades I had forgotten about Picked one and whipped up a handle. Even though it felt really small compared to most of what I do it is still too large for legal carry in most of Europe at 13cm The handle is buffalo horn, tin and quite a spectacular piece of mallee burl. Now I'm scratching my head over what kind of sheath I'll be making for it, leaning towards using the rest of that burl along with buffalo horn if I can wrap my head around exactly how to do
  10. Finished the sheath today. Cereal boxes are perfect to make templates with. After bending it in shape I got to do some more silver brazing Ammonia fuming the brass is not as much fun though and the house stinks again
  11. Core filed and smoothed down and got the outer leather sewn on. Added a riser at the mouth of it for the locket to sit against
  12. I think so yes, but be quick about it as I think the timefram is until 1.st of december
  13. been following the build on facebook and I love it
  14. There's a makers challenge on the book of faces that got me out of my messer dominated dreamland Started by going to the ever growing pile of half hammered things I forget about and found a suitably sizes piece drew out a tang and shape a bit and then ground bevels. I usually like fully sanded surfaces but wanted to see how an as forged finish would look I've never really bothered with getting perfectly square shoulders as I find it a lot less frustrating to file the bolster to shape Walnut grip drilled and then
  15. there are a few extant samples with a ring and nagel like this and have wanted to try it out for a while. So this one is constructed like a messer with a nagel in that the guard is slid down from the tip of the blade so the nagel is needed to fasten everything in place. It doesn't really add much protection but every little thing helps
  16. really nice looking debas. been wanting to try making some for a while. How does the quench go with such a thin piece of high carbon on that thick og mild steel?
  17. Probably the last sword I'll finish this year as there's so much else I need to make before Christmas. This was a good exercise for making fullers and filework and I've really started to enjoy silver brazing things together Peening the nagel did require a little more creativity than usual with this setup Overall length 110cm Blade 82cm 8mm thick at the guard with a convex distal taper to 3mm 4cm from the tip Crossguard is 30cm wide Point of balance 11cm in front of guard Point og percussion ~60cm from guard Grip is cord bound leather over wood
  18. Aaand finished. With this one I wanted to try out enclosing the tang completely 850 grams 80CrV2 steel Overall length 79 cm Blade length 60cm Pob 8 cm from the guard Non linear distal taper, starting at 5.7mm down to 2mm close to the tip Grip is ebony with brass pins and washers.
  19. I'm finally going to the medieval market in Compi├Ęgne now in the end of November so hoping to finish at least two or three more to take with me to showcase
  20. A short and handy langes messer just finished. 750grams with the pob just shy of 5cm from the guard 52.5cm blade and an overall length of 72cm Blade is 6mm thick at the shoulder and 2.5mm close to the tip Laws between medieval towns and cities varied quite a bit as to what size of blade you were allowed to carry but most I have found have been between 54-58cm so this would have suited the travelling merchant quite nicely to avoid trouble with any town guard Though probably not exactly historical I went with olive scales as I just love olive wood. Let'
  21. I like to think of myself as an alright bladesmith but I'm a mediocre blacksmith at best so those were a nice and simple way to make the quillons a little bit more interesting
  22. Second sword of the year finished. I found a blade in my ever growing pile of unfinished things and finally got an idea in how to finish it. I'd like to call it a hand and a half sabre but opinions might vary 88cm long blade and overall length of 110cm 8mm thick up at the guard and has a non linear distal taper to 3mm 5cm from the tip Point of balance is 9cm from the guard and point of percussion is right in front of the fuller 56cm from the guard Quite beefy at 1615grams and it has a strong appleseed edge, false edge from fuller to tip is sharp as well. Grip is
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