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  1. It took a while to get done but here is my first sheath on my first knife.
  2. And if you could hold it at constructive criticism and hold the insults to yourself, that'd be great.
  3. The second blade is for a python hunt this winter. So ya it's for beating around in the Everglades.
  4. I know that type of grind would be easier bit I'll save it for kitchen knives. I don't normally do things to make them easy. I prefer to please my eye. I'm really looking to improve my fit and finish. I make a lot of silver jewelry and I'd like to do a coffin handle Bowie with a faux Ivory handle and 6 black diamond coffin nails on each side.
  5. It has a slight distal taper and the false edge came out kind of round and the point isn't as good as I'd like it either. I did it all free-hand, files and sandpaper after I hardened it. I'm working on a different clip point right now that I'm going to do the false edge much later in the shaping process to keep it sharp.
  6. Actually Alan, the guard started off as a 5x2x1/2 block of brass and I broke the top when I was bending it. Not hot enough... And Will, the blade isn't as square as I'd like it to be and the handle isn't as round as it should be. I can reshape the handle though.
  7. 17" 1085 blade, brass guard, and a teak burl handle. Feedback please.
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