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  1. I've been scouring through the boards here looking for instruction on building my first forge. I've found loads of information, I think I'm going to build a 2 burner forge with venturi style burners. Taking everything I've learned here and looking on YouTube I've decided to build my burners like this guy does: Even though I've found loads of information here I have a few specific questions regarding the specifications of the pipe that I really haven't found specific answers to: 1. What type of pipe should I use: steel or iron? (I know galvanized is out
  2. Thanks @billyO, I did not know about them before. I'll check them out for sure.
  3. Hey everyone, I'm just getting into bladesmithing and am wondering if anyone here that has any experience lives anywhere within driving range of Salt Lake City Utah ( IE: less than 40 miles away). If you're into bladesmithing and wouldn't mind talking shop I'd love to connect.
  4. This is exactly how I was feeling but I didn't have the words to put it into seeing as I have very little experience myself. It just makes sense to have the majority of the mass under the face for bladesmithing instead of in the horn like you said. The fact that it still has a horn is awesome too because I can see that having a horn would be a good thing for certain situations. As far as not being pretty, beauty is in the eye of the beholder..... I think they're beautiful but to each their own
  5. I think I'm going to get one. From what I've heard anything over 70 lbs is a good size for an anvil, but for some reason I've had my heart set on something north of 100 lbs. I really like how compact it is specifically that the horn isn't huge neither is the heel. In the comments about it they state the 88% of the mass is under the face which just sounds good to me. Plus, at almost right at $4 a pound this is one of the least expensive anvils that I have come across that isn't a cheap looking one.
  6. Putting together a home forge and am on the lookout for an anvil. Was referred to Atlas Knife & Tool. They have a 117 lb anvil for sale for $469.99 which is among the best prices for a new anvil that I've seen so far while researching online. Does anyone know about this anvil or have any actual experience with it? Would love to hear whether it would be good to pick up or not, definitely don't want to waste my money. Thanks in advance! http://www.atlasknife.com/product/graham-anvil-117-lbs-4150-steel-not-cast-iron/
  7. sad news but great to know so I don't waste my time. Thanks so much for the help!
  8. Hi Everybody. Just getting started into bladesmithing and am looking to buy an anvil. Just found a used anvil for sale locally but I don't know what kind it is or if it would be worth getting for bladesmithing. This is the only picture I have of it. I'm going to look at it tonight, but before I go it would be nice if i had an idea as to what brand it is and if it would be worth my time. The guy is asking $450 for it. Any and all help is very much appreciated, thanks in advance!
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