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  1. I suspect a great deal of the apparent randomness from the on-line payment processors and social media channels has to do with the teams that actually decide these cases. Although I am sure most, if not all, of these companies have corporate cultures that lean liberal, decision making is often a one-person or small-team affair. If the individual looking at your site feels you are breaking the rules, you are guilty until you can attract enough attention to get noticed, and then prove yourself innocent. Where I worked, one person made the preliminary assessment. If that was contested by the
  2. That is truly amazing! Interesting about the very short grip. Early Scottish Highland dirks also had very short handles, and if I understand your description correctly, were held in a similar manner. Thank you for sharing. What an inspiration.
  3. Considering how many of us have our shops piled high with stuff, err... arranged, I think the old boat rule of always having your extinguisher between you and your best exit is a good rule. Most boats keep their extinguishers near the hatch you would naturally use to escape from that space. Fires can get surprising big surprising fast. You do not want the fire between you and an exit if things get a little too sporty.
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