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  1. A little Apocalyptic Bowie wrapped in brass with Giraffe tail decoration
  2. Some recent work during lock down
  3. Felt like something a little more artistic today
  4. Very nice. It seems sockets are in now LOL
  5. Thanks. Nope, just something I saw once on a you tube channel that I always wanted to try. Credit to Shurap. https://youtu.be/dxvVLqhEURg Thanks all for the comments. Appreciated.
  6. Beautiful work. What Stainless did you use? 410?
  7. Thanks Alan Thanks, Appreciate it
  8. It's been a while since I posted here. Like most of you just been trying to get through hard lock down and a world gone stupid. Did manage to get some forging done though. Stay safe
  9. Thanks Alan. LOL I haven't made Damascus in years. Those are etched blades using a technique I developed. Simple really. Engine enamel spray paint and multiple layers from a distance with multiple etches. Spray as if you are spattering with a toothbrush. My market was more stainless knives and Stainless Damascus is stupid expensive. Thanks Gerhard, Appreciate it
  10. And here are a few from last year
  11. I see a few posts here on slipjoints. Not quite bladesmith related but they were my staple for almost 8 years and about the only thing I was making. Thought I would share some pics. Admins can delete if inappropriate. This is one I finished off this week
  12. Ucelemba - pronounced "xta-lemba" Zulu for cane knife or bush knife. Forged this one out yesterday and added a wood scabbard with raw hide covering. Blade is 5mm by 250mm with distal taper Thanks for looking
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