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  1. Thanks for the advice Kerri!! I’ll keep searching. I have a 110 lb anvil that works fine for all my needs. I just would eventually would like a big anvil I can be proud of. Im near Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Auctions sound like a great idea that I haven’t thought of! I’ll have to see if there’s any in my area. also a good idea to send money ahead of time to guarantee the purchase if I feel good about the situation. thanks to everyone for the help.. the search continues and I’m sure I’ll be asking again before long lol!!
  2. I know how u feel Chris.. at least u got that fisher #100!! How much do those weigh? 100lbs?
  3. lol Thats going to be me Chris!! Honestly I did everything I could to get it. I wAs ready to get in my truck and drive 2 hours to get it from them and the ppl turned into ghost on me... maybe it sold or maybe something else was up.. idk... did seem too good to be true... I’ll keep looking
  4. Yes this is true Alan. Regardless I think this one might have already went away and the search for a good deal on a large anvil for a good price will probably continue. I hope y’all don’t mind. I’ll probably ask for opinions on here before I make any purchase.
  5. The person who post it agreed to 600 and then the owner said they want 900 instead. For 900 I’m not sure I’m interested. More money then I wanted to spend kinda.
  6. Ok thanks again Alan. Hopefully it’s still available when I can get over there. It’ll be mine if i can get there in time
  7. Thanks for the reply Geoff. I’d have to check rebound purchase. They claim the does
  8. Hello all!! I found an anvil on Facebook marketplace im Considering buying. The seller claims it’s 400lbs and is a Columbia brand anvil and it’s never been repaired. The seller will take 600 for it. Can anyone tell me if this would be a fair deal? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. ps I know I don’t really need this large of an anvil. Lol thanks for looking!! Jesse Hodgeson
  9. I see what u mean Daniel. Im currently moving my anvil and power hammer inside and out of my shop whenever I forge. The anvil is easy to move on a dolly. I assumed a 240 would be harder but doable. The power hammer on the other hand is just about a full body workout lol. I just really don’t like my good tools sleeping outside. From all the suggestions I’ve gotten on here im thinking that a forging press would be a smarter use of my money. I’m planning to start that build in the next couple months. im jealous of your 600 lb fisher Gerard!! It set you back a lot?
  10. Thanks for the advice Matt!! I Hadn’t thought of building one with that much stroke but I like the idea of having extra space of needed. I’m thinking of building one very similar to yours. 30 tons seems plenty sufficient. Can you tell me how you calculate the tonnage of a press?? Is there a formula or something?
  11. I’d rather step over the mess and spend my time and energy making knives lol
  12. Nice anvil and anvil setup Alan!!! I’m jealous! Lol the chain setup has been working Fairly well but I’ll try the lag bolts if you think it’d be better!! Thank u!!!
  13. Awesome set of instructions man! That answered a lot of questions iv had. One question i have from it though is why such a big cylinder? 14 inches of movement seems like too much. I was thinking of going with a 5 inch cylinder with 8 inch stroke. Also what do u think about northern tool for the parts? Have anywhere better in mind?
  14. Thanks for the feedback Jerrob!! This is what I’m working with right now. 110 lb kanca that is securely mounted. Think a 240 lb papa rhino securely mounted would benefit me in any noticeable way? I started on a railroad track that was on the ground and not secured and I spent most of my efforts chasing the piece of track around... what do u thin? A Larger anvil or build a forging press? thabks for everyone’s feedback. If not for all yalls experience And adviceI’d probably be on my way to buy that hay budden right now.
  15. No problem Gary. Tempting but im not sure I’d need another close to the size of my current one.. unless u made me an offer I couldn’t refuse lol. Mind if I ask what your asking for it?
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