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    Love knives, Made my first knife in January 2020. Anything outdoors is a win (except mowing the lawn). Oh yes and beer, lots and lots of beer, and did I say beer?

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  1. Why do you say that a portion has hardened, judging by the photos only?
  2. Hi Alan, My apologies to Will Urban for the slight hijack and derailment of his thread, but I need to thank you for the posting of the links above, but even more so for putting me onto the knife steel nerds website. I have been looking for a website like this for quite a while and as a newbie to knife making it is quite a thorough and detailed sight.
  3. Connor, just a question from a new knife maker. Is the knife not a little on the small side? In my mind a a bushcraft knife is a bigger knife that can be utilised for various functions, from carving meat to chopping wood?
  4. Quickly tried in Photoshop. Here are two alternatives.
  5. Really well done on the knife, it looks fantastic and I would definitely buy a knife from you. My only suggestions is as that the pins position looks a but off. Especially the front one. I think had you move the pin back slightly to have the same distance on the front of the burl as you have at the back it would have looked more balanced.
  6. What is your opinion on using Danish Oil as a finishing product?
  7. I spent Saturday cleaning. All I did was clean and clean. Then with the heavy down pour with rain i managed to find 8 leaks in the roof. So I'll be fixing the roof quite soon.
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