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  1. I did as suggested. Did a couple at a time in furnace, quenched, put in oven. Added a couple minutes in oven for opening door for each set. Second time in oven all at once. Turned out fine. Thanks again for the help!
  2. I use an oven as well. At 400 degrees for an hour 2 times.
  3. After quenching O1 tool steel can you let it cool to room temperature before tempering? Using a brick forge and I can only get 2 blades in at a time. I'd like to get 5 done and temper at same time. Would this be a problem? Thanks again
  4. I would get an R8 drill chuck for drilling your holes if you don't have one. Use some kind of cutting fluid to make life much easier on tooling. Cheap DRO's would be a great addition to your mill. I used the IGaging ones. They work fine and are very accurate for the price.
  5. Wanted to confirm about the right pricing. I had donated 2 of these 3 finger knives to winners of a National shooting event. Doing so I had to come up with a price for them to claim on winnings. I talked with a couple local people (not knife makers) asking what they thought they would be worth. It averaged around $125.00 and that's what I used. Overall length is barely 4 inches. Made of O1 tool steel, G10 and Micarta scales, with brass pins. A sheath with the tooling go with it. I made all of those as well. So, is $125.00 a good or bad price? Thanks again
  6. With the sheaths I've made I like using Tiger thread in 0.8mm and 1.0mm. I'm using the John James harness needles in the 4 size. They're a little smaller in diameter and go thru your holes a little easier. Tiger thread is great for sheaths and very strong. It's waxed but will take die. I don't usually die the thread as I like the offset color.
  7. I haven't been able to find much else. Who's everyone using to get their stencils? Thanks
  8. For stock removal knivrs do you grind everything away or use a bandsaw to remove the majority of material for outside shape? Seems like a lot of grinding and belt wear.
  9. Has anyone used Stencil Stop products? Thoughts? https://stencilstop.com/products/custom-reverse-stencils
  10. Soo...where are you getting your custom stencils from? Thanks again David
  11. So not such a great idea when you figure the price. Just wanted an alternative to wasting good knife steel. I'll stick to the 01 for now. I haven't used anything else yet. I can heat treat it in my basement. Still learning!
  12. Thanks for the replies. I have an old air brush compressor someone gave me. Thinking of uses for it. I might give it try on my bench top mill as well. Thanks again!
  13. Would you think one of those air brush compressor work for a wet mist system on your belt grinder? They're small, quite and put out about 40 psi or so.
  14. Would you use the cheap box store steel to practice on grinding knives? Especially to get the right bevel angles
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