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  1. I can absolutely vouch for NJSB also, shipment is always done in a very reasonable amount of time, and prices are reasonable as well Fun tip: if you ask for a small drawing, they'll draw it on your steel! They did a Totoro for me my first order and it looked great! I know it's secondary to pricing and shipping, but I think it shows a great sense of humor and commitment to customer satisfaction
  2. hhmmm.....while it's likely I didn't harden it all the way, my final answer will be shop gremlins!! The sneaky turds... I don't know the manganese content, it was a bar of 1065 I picked up from a Bladesmith who was retiring from the Damascus, OR area about 2 years ago. Unfortunately I don't remember his name... :/
  3. so, potentially dumb question: I leaned this guy against the wall for a bit of resting while I worked on other projects and figured out my next step with it. I just recently picked it up, and noticed it looked like it had a bend in it! It appeared to be slightly curving towards the wall it was propped against, and sure enough I bent it back and the bend took.... It really did seem springy when I tested it multiple times before, not picking up bends or anything even at angles I was puckering at....and the sparks coming off were distinctively more..sparky-er...than before hardenin
  4. excuse me for a moment while I pick up my shattered jaw and any semblance of pride I had off the floor.... Wow...just WOW!
  5. I will take this opportunity to plug one of my favorite books.....lol I can't suggest highly enough picking up a copy of Mark Aspery's book, "The Skills of a Blacksmith Volume I:Mastering the Fundamentals of Blacksmithing" It does a good job talking about necessary tools and their prep and care, INCLUDING Hammer dressing (which I had never heard of before getting the book, lol). It does a good job of going over basics of smithing too that will help improve your overall work.
  6. I really like this! I work Dispatch for a local Sheriff's Office and I've had a few requests for knives. Most of them have been geared towards being a last ditch resort in a fight, but I like the idea of the rescue knife! I can't wait to see it all done!
  7. I follow NJSB on the book of faces,which I know not everyone is fond of so I hope I'm not repeating something everyone already knows.... They posted yesterday that they have been busy since BLADE show and should have some steel coming back in stock shortly, specifically AEBL this coming month. They responded to a comment about 80CrV2 saying they're waiting on shipment details.
  8. What is it..? I guess I’ve just never seen pictures of it before and it was a huge surprise, lol
  9. The one corner was poking out, I figured it wouldn't be a big deal, lol
  10. I couldn't figure out where exactly to place this... Has anyone seen this before? I've never heard of or seen this type of build up.... It was some lightly used white Vinegar, and what I was told was just cold-rolled mild steel that I was trying to make my first hammer out of. I thought a good vinegar soak would be good, but I may have forgotten about it for a day...or 14....and we had a heat spike here in the middle of that time (highest temp was 109 outside. I'm Oregonian, 80 is too high for me). The build-up was solid, didn't dissolve in hand, but I could r
  11. BAHAHAHA!! Naw, mine can look "rustic" and I can get away with it.. These Daggers really show some true craftsmanship!
  12. I'm glad you're feeling better and back at it! I love watching these types of blades come to life! Way way too technical for my skills, lol!
  13. Very nice!!! I've done a few karambits, but always with hand stops near the blade. How do you find these guys handle without those? I really like how they look, but having never used one like that I might be worried about slipping my pinky up the blade..? I really can't emphasize enough how much I love how slick they look though!
  14. I love this! I can't wait to see the finished product!!
  15. Seems reasonable that a few fire bricks on one end would help, it definitely doesn't SEEM like a catastrophic issue.... I've actually got a few soft firebricks inside my forge helping partially bock one end and it seems to heat up faster and more evenly. But I will absolutely defer to more advanced forge builders who I'm sure will weigh in.
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