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  1. And Thank You guys for the compliments and feedback! This is wonderful!!
  2. Definitely noticed this when sharpening
  3. Thank You Doug.:) The Leather is Veg-tan as far as I’m aware, the shop said it was just a weird texture that no-one bought I did not glue the welt in, but I did stitch one in on the edge side. Definitely still learning how to properly do up leather, so the stitching length was more of a hap-hazard best guess as opposed to style, lol
  4. Thank You for the feedback! I’m not a hunter(although I’d like to learn) so the hot-spot fact with the tang didn’t even occur to me! Sheepishly, I admit I did it as a style choice, but it’s good to know it’s not functional. I did belt loops on both sides. In retrospect I kind of wish I hadn’t or had done a wider Horizontal belt loop so as to beef up the leather around it..I was thinking it’d be nice to have options, but now that I’m eyeballing it I wonder about the integrity. Thank You again, I’ll definitely take it to heart for the next blade!
  5. HELLO! After lurking for a couple months I finally signed myself up and decided to post here! Thought I would start off showing you all a skinner I just completed. It’s 1065 Steel and random “cut-off box” handle material from another maker. The Blade Shape comes from listening to my co-workers who hunt talking about what they would like in a skinning knife, and the handle shape is shaped asymmetrically to better fit your hand’s natural shape. I’m here to learn, so Constructive Criticism very very welcome!
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