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  1. Not entirely knife related, and it was last night, but I thought I'd share the hobby that helps pay for the hobby of knife making A Few small Beads and other trinkets I dremel out of brass and other various materials. I know my soldering is atrocious, but after patina-ing it turns out kind of neat.
  2. I've previously done a thick wax coating over wood scales I didn't want to get funkified by the FeCl. It seemed to work but I haven't done it since so repeatability is not something I've proven yet, and that was wood, not ivory/bone...
  3. Thank You, but I think I steered you wrong… it’s just my second kitchen knife. My second knife ever was a large lump of metal with a bevel thicker than an axe, lol!!! I’ll fix my verbiage in the original post Thank you, and critiques are definitely welcome!! I just thought I had too much to say/show to throw it in the critique section.
  4. Hello All! Trying to remember to actually post and not just ogle your amazing work all the time, lol Here is a Kitchen Knife (my 2nd ever in fact *EDITED TO ADD: Second Kitchen Knife ever. My 2nd knife ever was barely a knife, lol!) that I just finished up for a good friend. I thought I'd Share the making of also, it'll kinda help explain myself and some the oddness of the blade. I hope its not too many pictures... The request was for a Bunka Type Kitchen knife ( you be the judge if we made it there), and the spin on it is San-mai using 15n20-Antique Steel-15n20. The thought
  5. Dry Fit up and handle work on the kitchen knife today It's a bronze bolster to give some heft (as per the customer's request), a micarta spacer (because I can't seem to get anything flat without removing too much material.....and needed to fill space), and Orange Osage. For my second kitchen knife I'll take it...but there are many places to improve on the next
  6. Its shear steel from an antique leaf spring, so it also has the benefit of being salvage steel, lol! Broke the blade this morning: Dear goodness, I must have forgot to normalize the thing! Excellent feedback for notes though.
  7. promptly Cracked the Tanto I was working on today. I'm still learning water-quenching and working with this steel though, so I knew there was a high chance it wouldn't survive. Notes were taken and next time we'll give it another go! P.S. the stone lines perpendicular to the edge is post quench, they were parallel before I cracked it
  8. OOOOOOOOHHH!! Stoked to see that!
  9. I have nothing to add but am following with great interest! I am curious though, and excited to see, what exactly a tentacle sucker hamon will look like...
  10. Spent some time on projects last night for the first time in a long time! Getting handles figured out on a small seax and I guess what could be called a "fighter" knife (of the light stabby pointy variant). The seax is firepile-rescue Madrone and Antler, and the fighter is Mountain Mahogany and will get copper guard pieces. Learning myself some draw-filing on a small tanto! I'm doing my best to attempt not to use any electricity on this build in the name of tradition/learning new stuffs/appreciating the tools I have. And I also have this Ki
  11. towards the middle of the initial bit of this post shows some of the already very well described tools
  12. That thing is sleek! Turned out Great!
  13. I'm not sure if you're on Instagram or not but a folder maker, "Scorpion6knives", had this happen to him also, and after a few months of back and forth and paypal flat refusing to release funds or even review his case he was finally able to pressure them enough to review the case and they found he was not in violation and reinstated his account. I remember he made a post about the Ebay thing as well and that it was a large part of his defense. He might have some pointers for you if you reach out, I remember it was very public and he was excited to put a stop to it happening to individual m
  14. Wow! That's insanely Beautiful!
  15. Thank You! It's a hamon-ish/temper/hardening-line/...thing.. The only reason I hesitate to call it a hamon is that the steel is 1084, I didn't shoot for a specific design, and it has an interesting "angular" hardening line happening towards the base.... heres a better picture:
  16. Thank You guys very much!! I'm humbled by all of your encouragement!
  17. And We’re Done! whew…wasn’t sure if I was gonna make that, lol 1065/Wrought Head, Copper Pin, Hemp-Wrapped Plum Wood, and decorated Leather sheath with Brass danglies Here’s hoping she can meet muster with the rest if these amazing Entries!
  18. Dragging my feet on attaching the spear and polishing...handles are always my least favorite part and what trips me up the most. So I procrastinated by making the sheath! Mock up next to the sketch Still learning how to emboss, but I'll take it! Next is a new process to me: Dyeing Leather! I used RIT liquid dye and warm water. Initially I did like a 3 minute soak for each piece, but I wasn't very happy with the evenness or saturation, so I ended up just leaving it overnight. It seemed to do much better that way. Here we are Dyed and Stitched togethe
  19. *disclaimer: I know little to nothing about tool making, much less hydraulics, etc I've read many times that these large frames don't end up holding up over time, if at all. But as someone who's on a budget also, the temptation to try a homemade press is real! I found this thread extremely interesting though, and may allow you to use many of your already purchased parts
  20. Any chance there was resilient residue from tape or holding the knife down for hand-sanding?
  21. Slowly making progress on this guy. I'm actually excited to see it all etched, but I'm trying to be better about making sure the finish is proper before I etch and show people, lol! We're at a rough 400~600 grit finish, still working the socket area to get it consistent. Pictured with potential sheath doodle designs... Also did a dry fit on a short handle. I figured the small scale of the spear head warranted something 2ft or less. This is a piece of Plum wood from about 6 years ago, it has a cool grey color to it towards the butt end, and finishes a very warm
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