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  1. I'm wanting to make a katana in a traditional fashion using a hard high carbon outer steel for the blade and a lower carbon steel for the core. My main question right now is there a process or materials that I need in order to successfully weld the harder steel to the soft inner core steel?
  2. I have decided I wanted to forge my own Katana. I plan to do this in the original Japanese fashion by having a hard outer shell "kawagane" and a softer inner core "shingane". For the kawagane I have chosen 1095 because of its extreme toughness and how hard it gets so it will be able to hold an edge, my issue is I don't know what metal to use for the softer shingane. I thought of using 9260 because of its incredible resiliency making the Katana both very strong yet resilient. Please let me know if the metals will weld properly or if there is a different metal I should use for the shingane.
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