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  1. Gerald - is your shop pretty small? Do you use door for best source of airflow?
  2. Hi Daniel, Thanks for your input good to hear more real life situations. I will be insulating and have rockwool ready to go. Still trying to figure out if I can get enough airflow to work in my small space, if not other options. CO monitor will be a must. I hope you get your space up and running again soon. Jim
  3. These pictures are so very helpful, great ideas..what they say about pictures is true. I like the air cutain idea, since I am going to build the forge I am going to try to incorporate it in the structure. The vertical forge looked like quite a cooker, a lot going in that photo. Seeing shop photos is an awesome presentation of smith's ideas, how obstacles are overcome and how many solutions there are. Cheers!
  4. Gerald - I looked up the T1-11 it does get pricey! Thanks Alan - do you know of a photo that shows the forge set up with the hood and second diversion fan ou described? Thank you! Jim
  5. Great information! I will plan on keeping it near the door end of the shop, where I can move outside occassionally to work. I have one of those big Johnson school forges which I am going to retire for good and build something myself. I have started to read the exentsive posts on building a propane forge, I do a few blowers available, one of which can be used off the old Johnson. YOu mentoned usng a venturi forge in your post, would that produce less heat and be a better way to go? Do you know how well the T-111 would hold up to heat and grinding? Thanks again. Jim
  6. After a long hiatus from smithing (mostly furniture, accessories and ornamental) I am setting up a small home shop under a wood framed shed roof addition to a block garage. I though the OSB may keep the walls from getting to banged up but don't really like the look. I plan on insulating, and using studs behind wall to support metal storage racks. The space is 9'x29', ceiling height is 8' for 4' wide along the 29' length, dropping down to about 6'6" do to shed roof. One 29' wall is block, floor is old radomly cracked cement. I am a bit worried about putting a forge in there with the heat, may h
  7. Renovating new space, should I use OSB or sheet rock on walls?
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