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  1. So I Purchased a Used Big Blu 155 in really great shape it gets here this week. So I have a couple questions. i have a 7Hp 60 gallon compressor 125 PSI with 10.3 scfm @90psi will this compressor run the hammer for efficiently enough for a hobbyist bladesmith ? the guy I bought it from who is a Journeyman Smith said his compressor was the same specs just an 80 gallon tank Any tips on mounting the hammer? approx 5” concrete slab floor what size piping or tubing do I need to run from the compressor to the hammer? any other tips or suggestions when getting this thing setup? thanks everyone
  2. Ok thanks for the info Will a regular garage floor hold up to the tire hammer ?
  3. Have you seen them in action ? do they work well?
  4. So I’m thinking about Purchasing a Tire Hammer looking at options if anyone knows any makers out there ? Im Located in NY so minimizing shipping costs if I can. Also has anyone tried mounting heavy duty casters on a tire hammer for maneuvering easily ? i need to be able to move it around some what easily from inside my garage to outside on to the blacktop when working and was seeing if anyone had any experience doing it like this or if it’s even viable.
  5. Ok thanks for the info and tip I’ll make sure to incorporate in the next one !
  6. So I started my first Damascus knife did the heat treat ground in the bevels and did the etch. im at 28 layers started with a 7layer billet and made the mistake of having the 15n20 on the outsides so when they were folded the 15n20 had to weld to itself. I had no visible delams during the entire process but when I Etches I have what looks like a seam running where the two pieces of 15n20 meet. is this normal to see because of those two steels meeting each other or is this a greater flaw? Like I said it doesn’t appear to be a crack but this being my first one just wanted any advice or opinions. the knife is just for myself so if it’s just a cosmetic issue I don’t care
  7. that’s awesome thanks for all the help. Cant wait to put her to work! Best part about it is I got it for free from my best friends father !
  8. From what I can tell it’s pretty flat no clear depression
  9. The left side of the foot has a C right side from what I can tell is 8911
  10. Hey Everyone new to the forum. picked up this anvil from a buddy of mine. came from a machine shop in Baltimore Maryland. Trying to figure out who made it and approx age. it weighs somewhere around 250-350 lbs if I had to guess. any help would be appreciated thanks Ryan
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