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  1. I see this is gone Does anyone still have the zip file? Sounds like a cool tool! Waybackwhen has a copy of the page but not the zip file: https://web.archive.org/web/20190308174623/https://www.stahlundseide.de/html/thor_ii.html
  2. Thanks everyone! I looked & looked and checked Clarxy and also Manchester Grinders (and many more lol!) - But in the end I went with a different one, partly due to shipping times (they could get it to me in a few days, whereas some of the others were 2 weeks to 6 weeks shipping times), but also because looked solid & well built (it is quite heavy, which I think is a good thing? Kinda reassuring anyway!) So, I got this one in the end: https://www.multitoolproducts.com/product-page/84-engineering-2x72-belt-grinders I've not had a chance to use it MUCH, but did have a go with some 1095 steel (as I've got a few lengths to use for some making kitchen knives). It REALLY shifted metal, like... compared to the old 1x30, it's CRAZY how fast it shifts the steel! I got a stand for it too, so it's easy to pivot to work on it's side. Only issue now... Need to finish the repair/rebuild job my my forge, so that I can heat treat the knives, as don't want to grind too much without heat treating for fear of warpage! So, guess tomorrow & weekend I'll be sorting that out and plastering the forge inside with refractory! Thanks again everyone, appreciate your recommendations!
  3. My 1x30 has finally given up, so... any recommendations for the best 2x72 belt grinder for knife making, available in the UK (WITHOUT crazy import duties or excessively long shipping)? Not looking for something made out of a kit, but rather something semi-professional or professional. Thanks in advance folks!
  4. What thickness do you guys think for the ceramic wool? Would 25mm be okay (with refractory over the top of that).
  5. Just wondered if anyone knew of any audio podcasts for bladesmithing? Seen a few abandoned ones is all.
  6. Interesting re: Cones... I can't find any info on. this & am trying to picture what you mean. Sorry to ask, but any more info? Cheers!
  7. Cheers! Will prob stick with the current burners for now, but may change in the future, so this thread will be handy for sure!
  8. Thanks both! I've added a pic to the post now - adding here too... check the temp the steel got to! Deffo thick rebuilding from scratch will be best. Quick additional Q if that's cool guys? The jets - you can see the pipes in the pic, essentially inside the cowl at the top, the pipe has been drilled & tapped, to allow mig tips to be screwed in (will check, either 0.6 or 0.8 tips), and this is the jet the gas comes through - Is this usual for self-made forges (I bought it). Will this suffice, do you think? Cheers in advance for any replies - MUCH appreciated!
  9. So my forge (purchased not self-built)... I started to repair it but soon realised I'd be happier rebuilding myself (current one was purchased - Liked it, but realised some tweaks I want to make). Jets seem okay (3 burner jet as per pic - uses mig welding tips as the jet tip?! Is that normal for gas forges? - Also it annoys me a bit that the jets are not straight! I'll be straightening with my build lol), so will use those and building a new forge, with ceramic wool and castable refractory then zircon paint... Am about to order the steel. Current forge is 2mm, I'm thinking of going to 3mm, but wondered if that's still too thin, would 4mm be advisable? It's a bit of a weigh off between... well, WEIGHT and longevity! Will be mobile with this forge sometimes and it's going to be about 500mm x 370mm x 270mm, so whilst not a huge weight, enough. What do people think? Will 3mm suffice (with decent ceramic wool insulation, then refractory, then zircon paint coat ??? Last forge... got a bit hot on top (see the pic... EXCUSE the mess and position of the forge lol!). Partly this is likely due to the ceramic wool being a bit crappy, partly as had no refractory cement, but also I think IMO because the steel was a bit thin maybe??? (2mm). Still getting used to gas forges... learned smithing on, and always used, a trad forge with back bosh & tue iron! haha.
  10. Cheers! That jig looks decent for sure! VERY nice grinders, too! Bit out of the budget I've allowed myself for this project for now, so will have to stick with my cheapo 1 x 30 for now lol. But will bookmark his site for future ref, too All looks well built tho!
  11. Good point re: Bracing - any tips? Triangles are strong so I guess brace the body to the legs etc - Just wondering if the legs are built of sturdy enough stock & bracing is okay, or if they need replacing... I guess we'll see. V interested in your forging presses... Have you considered a quick mailchimp email list sign-up to get notified when you've worked out a cost etc? I'd sign up and reckon others would, too!
  12. Okay cool... Will proceed with the idea of a log splitter project for now then hahaha, keen to get something usable in the next 10 days so pdobs best do that. Will keep an eye for updates tho! For poss future upgrade!
  13. I know... I know, I could make one, but I need to re-build the forge (from scratch, needed repair & reline and was too small, so starting again and just keeping the burner jets!), also looking at options for a press, and lots more to sort! So a grinding jig I'll buy Looking for recommendations for adjustable one. Anyone know of any in the UK that they like? Cheers!
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