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  1. As a beginner trying to learn how metal moves I tried to make a heart, started with much thicker stock than I probably should of. Also I don't have a vice so these bends and curls were fairly difficult to do. I also started work on my first knife made with proper high carbon steel (pics to come next time I'm at the forge)
  2. This looks great! I really like the carving details in the handle.
  3. Thanks! It is addictive, been pretty much all I've been thinking about while I'm at work. I guess it doesn't help I work in a knife store haha
  4. I just want to start out by saying thanks to everyone here for encouraging me to make an attempt and making and to actually go out and do it. I have read so much advice, good ideas and general help on the forums. Anyways, two days ago I finally put my forge together using the limited materials that I have, this is the first piece of steel (small piece of rebar) that I have ever had the luxury of hitting. While hitting and trying to see how the metal moves from the hammer I ended up getting a butterknife shape and just decided to keep going for it. Its terrible but it's
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