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  1. Hi, I just recently did a chemical analysis of steel (from which the wakijashi blade is forged). Further, it is already necessary to experiment, quenching is necessary for liquid oil, because these grains (nie, nioi) appear only at a low cooling rate, if the cooling rate is high, then the ham will be the same as on steels with a carbon content of 0, 8% and more ....... Therefore, we take steel with a carbon content of 0.5 - 0.6% (if we want to get "grains") ........
  2. I did this tanto a very long time, from the same steel
  3. Hello, this is an experimental blade made of medium carbon steel (I can’t say the exact grade of steel, we are conducting chemical analyzes) In my experience, such large grains (nie, nioi) can only be obtained on medium carbon steel, on steels with a carbon content of 0.7-1.2 this is not even close (dozens of experiments were carried out)
  4. The blade has a slight narrowing to the tip (Kissaki), I indicated the width and thickness of the blade only at the base (at the habaki), the width / thickness near the beginning of Kissaki, unfortunately I do not remember. Such blades have almost no narrowing in width
  5. thank you very much for the comments
  6. Hello.... For over 11 years I have been working on traditional Japanese edged weapon, specifically grinding and polishing blades and making rim of swords. I use traditional materials and their modern modified analogues. Forging and heat treatment of blades are done by my friend Dmitry, he is a professional blacksmith and gunsmith with experience over 10 years. Since 2016, i began making art knives, in the styles: cyberpunk / bio-mechanics, using some of the best materials and precious metals. I try to do all the work in the highest quality, studying new technologies and do various experim
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