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  1. Not at all. Please do. I am Radioham too. My call sign is CN8SL. I manufacture and install (since 1975) guyed towers and self supporting towers using S355 grade steel (grade 50 in USA).
  2. Pictures Entry point Feeder support and frame with ceramic insulators 660 feet hot tower
  3. Actually there are 4+8=12 wires as you can see on the 1st picture. 4 wires for the central "hot" part. 8 wires for the shield which is connected to earth. Total distance is 1,800 feet Total copper wire used 12x1,800=21,600 feet The remaining wire is for replacement in case a wire break which will happen anyway (wind, trees, birds)
  4. Frequency is 500kHz to 1200kHz. Power can go up to 1200kW. The Andrew 4 inches Coaxial cable price is 40$/feet so it is 72,000 USD for 1,800 feet. A copper wire feeder is made of 12 wires : total cost : 15,000 USD for the same length
  5. Today I tested most of the ideas. Twisting, drawing and bending are good. Then I stretched 60 feet of soft copper wire to 500 lbs (Turnbucckles and Dillon dynamometer) After releasing the stress on the wire it was quite hardened Tomorrow I will do some more tests
  6. A cable would be 316L stainless steel which is quite expensive (12,000m) That would be my last choice. I will try hardening the wire today and test it to see what happen
  7. Hi Dougherty Thanks for your reply So i need to do the run about 10 to 20 times I will try it As I said it is for an AM radio station. The 4mm copper wires runs for 2000 feet between 600kW Transmitter and Antenna tower Birds such as buse and hawk land on the wires and break them so I need to harden the copper wire
  8. Hi Myers Yes i need to keep the 4mm diameter
  9. Hi Smith Thank you for your reply Yes it seems that bending gives the best results but i will try to apply two or three methods on the same sample to see what happens...
  10. Hi Longmire Thank you for your reply Yes i start to understand that unless i go for alloying i will never get a hard wire but i have to stick with pure copper as this is for an AM antenna feeder. As you know, pure copper has the best electrical conductivity especially when we have long runs of 2,000 feet What about combining age-hardening then bending ? Or is there a limit to the hardness of pure copper ? Anyway i will give it a try on a small amount (100 feet) then see what happen
  11. Hi Miller Thanks for your reply i think i will go for the roller drums as this method does not need a factory or a foundry
  12. Hi Myers Thanks Beating would work for a small amount of copper but i have 36,000 feet of wire
  13. Hello, I have 12000 meters of 4mm diameter copper wire. It is pure 99,9% copper. Unfortunately it is too soft for what i want to use it for. How can i harden it ? I have seen many ways on the web but none is adapted to such a large quantity. Please help. Thank you
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