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  1. Cheers chaps I'll have a look once it's cooled and try again
  2. Thanks Brian it's coal at the moment. I'll try the things you mentioned and see how I get on. I'll keep you posted
  3. So I've upgraded my forge now I have a but more confidence however I pulled this design from a blacksmith on YouTube. In principle it works. My steel goes orange nicely however, the yellow part of my fire in as lower than the rim. Yet I see multiple blacksmiths use coal forges where they have a nice pile of fire on the top. Where am I going wrong? I'm having to Bury my steel int the coals to get it hot and so cannot heat the sections I need. (the attached forge does have coal in it now before someone says that is the problem) The second image is where I've had to expose the core to get any heat The last image is how it's meant to look but doesn't
  4. Yeah I encountered many issues with this design. I didn't give myself much room either side of the tang. So I instead practiced scales and filled the rest in.
  5. So my second attempt yesterday in preparation for my first proper go at a knife. Went for a simple chefs knife and maybe got ahead of myself by choosing a hidden tang
  6. So I'm going to call this done. A long way to go but I'm happy with the start, going to have a good look through it now and see where I can do it better next time maybe move the forge around a bit and make life easier
  7. OK so I'm going to call this finished. A lot of things for me to work on, however I'm happy with the shape and seeing first hand the effects of poor hammer control and patience when filing and sanding.
  8. Filing done and a 120 grit hand sanded. Lost some material as the cracks needed grinding out. Just a finishing sand now to tidy everything else.
  9. Thanks doug. Yes it did chew up a bit especially on the edges (that's what you get when you don't read labels). However, every mistake is learning and I now know cast iron is bad. Ill look for an alternative, I did always want a cool doorstop
  10. Yeah I've been told that a lot so it must the right thing to do. Theres one not far from where I am so should be fun
  11. Yeah it's a b**ch to move. The top line is a line I made with the file when I slipped. The bottom, yup that's a crack, I'll see if it's just a surface one I can grind.
  12. Update´╗┐ day 3. Hot cut the tang and rough shaped the end. Filed´╗┐ in the bevels and sanded most of the rough marks. Next plan is continue hand sanding and sharpening.
  13. Update day 3. Hot cut the tang and rough shaped the end. Filed in the bevels and sanded most of the rough marks. Next plan is continue hand sanding and sharpening.
  14. Hey from the UK, first ever time lifting the hammer. I know it's the wrong steel but I just wanted to start basic. Went for a tanto shape and then hit the files. Work in progress hopefully better things to come
  15. Hey from the UK. First ever attempt at this new hobby. Started a very basic coal forge with a hairdryer. I used rebar as my steel (I know its mild steel but I thought I'd start getting the basis first). Went for a tanto style and just got on the files. Work in progress
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