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  1. I know it will hold up to the pressure (I used the stuff on my hot water tank install) but how well does it hold up to the heat? I'm going to be building a new forge next week and need all of the tips haha
  2. LOL thank you guys but you've definitely over estimated my ability to make some things. I will practice on pine until I'm good enough, I'll use the files as well to see which I like more
  3. Thanks Sean! I will break out the old belts and see how they do on a test piece. Maybe spring for a god motor and VFD this year
  4. No, it's a pretty temperamental rig, I couldn't afford a good VFD so I made one out of an old treadmill motor and control. I either go high speed or there isn't enough power to run the belt.
  5. So I'm working on a few projects at the moment and I've already totally botched a few sets of scales. Both sets I did in purple heart, the first set I learned that my 2x72 chews off material waaaayyyy too fast and I just can't see it well enough. Second set I was using a file and rasp but I accidentally went too thin and it ripped a bunch of the grain out. What is everyone's favorite method of shaping handles? I wouldn't mind trying something that doesn't cost me any more nice hardwood. Cheers Steve
  6. Thank you Doug! Much appreciated!
  7. Playing with my new camera, took me a while to get the lighting just right but I'm a noob to this as well as bladesmithing haha.
  8. In the future I would definitely take that into account, with this knife I wasn't too concerned about it since your pinky actually rests on the back end of the knife. I probably wont ever make one this small again, but dually noted. I may follow this post up with an improved version, maybe an integral guard.
  9. Well a long time back I had a buddy ask me for a knife, he didn’t care about dimensions or design he gave me total creative freedom with it. Being a very green bladesmith I went nice, simple and small. So I made this little guy out of a Willys Jeep leaf spring (save the blasphemy remarks for after) with a coffee petina and oak handle. The Jeep had been totally scrapped and I bough a couple sets of spring from the owner ($40 is a damn good deal). The kydex sheath I also did myself using a heat gun and gardening knee pad. Petina turned out less even than I had wanted but that’s what I get for no
  10. Welcome to the club brother!!! I too am a newb to all of this but I've found that the beginners place has a ton of great questions asked with all of them having great answers. the thread "psst newbie, wanna build a propane forge?" is a little gem I think you'll find particularly helpful. I started off with just a bunch of fire bricks and a tiger torch. its rough and inefficient but it affords me the opportunity to practice. Cheers!! Steve
  11. Sooooo.... there's basically nothing Rob can't do haha
  12. Love the detailing on this beauty!! Amazing work brother!!
  13. All right gents, ladies. my burning question is this, has anyone here ever made a Damascus steel fillet that functions properly with the nice flex and all. Ive got a bunch of cable and the desire to make something cool out of it but it’s only 3/8” cable so I wanna start with something relatively thin. (Yes I know this ends up posing many more problems but I wanna try anyway) Cheers!!
  14. How do you finish your micarta? I love that gloss finish you have going on there!
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