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  1. Welcome to the club brother!!! I too am a newb to all of this but I've found that the beginners place has a ton of great questions asked with all of them having great answers. the thread "psst newbie, wanna build a propane forge?" is a little gem I think you'll find particularly helpful. I started off with just a bunch of fire bricks and a tiger torch. its rough and inefficient but it affords me the opportunity to practice. Cheers!! Steve
  2. Sooooo.... there's basically nothing Rob can't do haha
  3. Love the detailing on this beauty!! Amazing work brother!!
  4. All right gents, ladies. my burning question is this, has anyone here ever made a Damascus steel fillet that functions properly with the nice flex and all. Ive got a bunch of cable and the desire to make something cool out of it but it’s only 3/8” cable so I wanna start with something relatively thin. (Yes I know this ends up posing many more problems but I wanna try anyway) Cheers!!
  5. How do you finish your micarta? I love that gloss finish you have going on there!
  6. That is gorgeous!!! Adding it to my wish list of things to make!!!!
  7. Yes that is on the to do list. It is really sharp and I almost did take a chunk out of my finger. I’ll go in with my dremel and round it off.
  8. Thank you for all the kind words gentlemen!! I will update this post as I progress with the project!!
  9. Thanks Alan! I will definitely test a piece. Thanks a lot guys I’m pretty proud of it so far. Balance point sits perfectly on the forefinger.
  10. Ok fellow smiths. Here is my first forged knife. It’s from an old willys Jeep leaf spring (so I’m assuming it’s 5160). Took me quite a while to get it to this point as when I first started I had WAAAAYYYY too much material for the design I had. I ended up cutting a bunch off and re forging my edge. Once I was down to the correct amount of material I was able to get it down to the correct feeling and balance. Next time I make this design I will make the handle shorter so it has a more controlled feel. Next will be to do the heat treatment process and make a sheath! Hope you enjoy! O
  11. You answered perfectly Alan, Much appreciated!!
  12. Follow up question. Using borax for flux, I've read in a few spots its good to go. Any insight on this?
  13. Cheers you guys this is all amazing info. I will keep you posted on progress! I'm firing up my forge today to give it a shot.
  14. what if it's closer to 3/8" to 1/2" cable? I can get it welded but ill have to wait like a month to get it back so thats not ideal.
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