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  1. Thank You! I will be knocking the edges off of the handle it is a little harsh on the hands. Also you are correct, doing this one hour at a time is very difficult but I am learning very well what it means to be efficient with your time. I will definitely be editing this post with finished products of this knife!
  2. So I've been working on this little blacksmiths knife for a couple days (I only get about an hour a day max) and so far I love making them. Few things I'd do differently is make the blade about 20% bigger so it's more proportional. I would also move the twist up the handle by about 2". I will definitely take this one all the way but I'll likely keep it for myself. Steel=mystery steel, likely 8670 as its from an old (40yrs +) Allen wrench. The sheath on completion will be kydex. Any constructive criticism is welcome!
  3. Looks great man, the tang has a really even thickness to it which I really appreciate, sometimes its so hard to do haha. Also love the oak, easy to find and I really enjoy working with it. What's your plan for a sheath?
  4. I love the look of this! I'm currently working on one as a departure gift for a friend. Ill be doing a similar look with the handle using black walnut.
  5. Dually Noted, I will be sure to tag you in mine when I do my build! I'm going to try a couple different techniques.
  6. Thats slick! I love bowie knives with antler handles!
  7. I just had a MASSIVE maple tree dropped on my property I'm looking forward to making a few of these bad boys!! What was you main plan of attack for doing the contouring on it?
  8. Either you are related to Andre the Giant or this sword was made for a small child! Very cool find none the less! haha
  9. I love how it looks like a topo map of a mountain range. Beautiful work!
  10. Update on the new forge build! I just finished lining it and now it's the waiting game until it's cured. Its not pretty but hey, it doesn't have to be!
  11. Only weighs about 7lbs. Once I add the legs it'll look alot nicer too!
  12. I really enjoy how simple the design is. It's a very clean look.
  13. New forge build!! So I made this one using a 7" stove pipe and 1" kaowool with a 4x9 firebrick (not the soft kind). I also did the venturi burner myself which is the only reason I test fired it without properly lining the wool. This weekend I'll be lining the interior of the forge with refractory cement (long live my lungs!), the firebrick will actually be set into the bottom giving my a slightly larger chamber. I'll also be making a stand for it, I will update with more pics when its done!
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