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  1. This one was fun to build, just a little guy for a coworker to give as a gift. Steel is 1095 that has been cold blued. The handle is ebony with black G10 liners and brass tube for the pins. Paracord lanyard and a coyote tan kydex sheath. I etched my maker's mark and the end users initials in the blade, no fancy setup just a big 6V battery and a couple alligator clips. Spine thickness is about 4mm. Thanks for looking! Constructive criticism is always welcome. I'm here to learn how to be as good as possible.
  2. So, I am painfully aware of my mistakes haha however I am still proud of these blades. They're sharp and they're hard and in the hands of especially happy customers. First up we have a guyto style blade with a more modern handle, my first time doing an "S" grind but I will definitely be doing it again. Handle is mystery wood lol with red G10 liners. Steel is 1095. Second we have an EDC knife for a friend and coworker. 1095 steel with black G10 liners and lacewood handle. Instead of etching his name I decided to just put a Bull on the side. Third we have a smaller EDC for a guy I deployed with a few years back. 1095 steel, black G10 liners and black walnut with brass pins and pipe for a lanyard. Blade is cold blued nice and dark. This one got an IWB sheath done up in black kydex. Fourth in line there is the dynamic duo! You guessed it! 1095 steel again, this time with white G10 liners and black walnut. Dressed up for the ball in black kydex, this little set was made for 2 close friends of mine. Every time I make a new blade, whoever it's for I find myself learning a ton of lessons and new skills. I would be lying if I said I didn't find inspiration in all of the work that you fine smiths do! Thanks for looking Steve
  3. So I had a friend reach out to me looking for a very specific kind of sheath. It was a weird request since normally it's the other way people looking for knives haha. He wanted a sheath he could connect to molle for when he's backcountry dirtbiking. He said I have creative freedom with the knife. 1095 steel cold blued "Sans Peur" without fear etched into the blade (his family motto) The scales are aluminum honeycomb and black resin with black g10 liners. The sheath is kydex with a plastic molle strap for mounting. edit* will definitely post from my computer next time haha the photos rotated themselves for some reason
  4. Man I love your Scandi knives! They're always so clean and elegant!
  5. They are very comfortable in the hand. You're right, they don't feel like a traditional kitchen knife but they're also not meant to haha. I'll be doing more like this one in the near future.
  6. Thanks Josh!!! I will definitely use this method on my next set! To answer your question yes. The inspiration came from 2 things 1. Me not wanting to do anything that people were already doing, I wanted my handles to be as unique as possible. 2 I asked around to a few of my friends who are chefs and took their input on how they use a knife, technique and different tasks expected of those knives. This was the product of my thought process.
  7. So I had a friend ask me to make him a set of knives. He's one of my oldest friends so naturally I said yes. He gave me complete artistic license with these so I truly enjoyed crafting them. The steel I believe is 15N20, handles are figured maple finished with mineral oil and they have white G10 liners on them. After testing we figured that the knives came out to around 59HRC, which I'm pretty proud of. The etching on the blades didn't turn out as well as I would've liked it to but placing a second stencil over the etching is near impossible so I had to let it ride. Thanks for looking friends! Criticism is welcome, they're far from perfect but it's my first set of Chef knives and I'm darn proud of em!
  8. Thank You! I will be knocking the edges off of the handle it is a little harsh on the hands. Also you are correct, doing this one hour at a time is very difficult but I am learning very well what it means to be efficient with your time. I will definitely be editing this post with finished products of this knife!
  9. So I've been working on this little blacksmiths knife for a couple days (I only get about an hour a day max) and so far I love making them. Few things I'd do differently is make the blade about 20% bigger so it's more proportional. I would also move the twist up the handle by about 2". I will definitely take this one all the way but I'll likely keep it for myself. Steel=mystery steel, likely 8670 as its from an old (40yrs +) Allen wrench. The sheath on completion will be kydex. Any constructive criticism is welcome!
  10. Looks great man, the tang has a really even thickness to it which I really appreciate, sometimes its so hard to do haha. Also love the oak, easy to find and I really enjoy working with it. What's your plan for a sheath?
  11. I love the look of this! I'm currently working on one as a departure gift for a friend. Ill be doing a similar look with the handle using black walnut.
  12. Dually Noted, I will be sure to tag you in mine when I do my build! I'm going to try a couple different techniques.
  13. Thats slick! I love bowie knives with antler handles!
  14. I just had a MASSIVE maple tree dropped on my property I'm looking forward to making a few of these bad boys!! What was you main plan of attack for doing the contouring on it?
  15. Either you are related to Andre the Giant or this sword was made for a small child! Very cool find none the less! haha
  16. I love how it looks like a topo map of a mountain range. Beautiful work!
  17. Update on the new forge build! I just finished lining it and now it's the waiting game until it's cured. Its not pretty but hey, it doesn't have to be!
  18. Only weighs about 7lbs. Once I add the legs it'll look alot nicer too!
  19. I really enjoy how simple the design is. It's a very clean look.
  20. New forge build!! So I made this one using a 7" stove pipe and 1" kaowool with a 4x9 firebrick (not the soft kind). I also did the venturi burner myself which is the only reason I test fired it without properly lining the wool. This weekend I'll be lining the interior of the forge with refractory cement (long live my lungs!), the firebrick will actually be set into the bottom giving my a slightly larger chamber. I'll also be making a stand for it, I will update with more pics when its done!
  21. Wicked! Thanks for the help gents!! More photos to follow of my next less sketchy (yet still pretty dicey) setup. Next steps will be side entry, removing the bell reducer and completing the angle iron around the sides and top. I did do around the base however I was pressed for time today and didn't finish it. I was all to eager to test out my new burner. Also I promise I wont burn down any buildings in the meantime hahaha
  22. Ok, before we all pile on. I know my setup is pretty sketchy, that's why I'm here. Temp seems to be high enough but the flame is coming out where the burner goes in. I was thinking about drilling a hole in a new brick to fit it in which might stop the fire coming back out. I will be beefing up the walls but for now I think they'll do.
  23. I know it will hold up to the pressure (I used the stuff on my hot water tank install) but how well does it hold up to the heat? I'm going to be building a new forge next week and need all of the tips haha
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