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  1. Alex,what is the overall height and width of your press?
  2. Finally got started on a pedal for my hydraulic press, seems like something has always changed my plans before today.
  3. I used James Batson Jr. "Build Your Own Hydraulic Forging Press" book
  4. Thanks for the info everyone, will try to find someone nearby. A couple of pics of my setup.
  5. First attempt at forge welding 6 layer, 3 of 1095 and 3 of 15n20. Steel ordered from a reputable supplier. Just attempting to teach my self to forge weld any advice/criticism would be greatly appreciated. What is a good way to make sure I have a good weld all the way through?Thanks in advance.
  6. Suggestions or criticism on the design or ideas for handle, I'm leaning towards stacked leather.
  7. Got my forge, and cart along with new burners done this past weekend
  8. If you can't buy it, work for it, or swap for it then you don't need it, word of wisdom from my dad 40 years ago.
  9. Thanks for the pic/ info that helps a ton. I am running a little on the lean side, Thank you Sir
  10. Hi everyone been a minute since my last inquiry on forge/burners popping that problem is solved, new issue that i can't find an answer to, I may be and probably am over looking it, i just cannot seem to locate the answer. Thanks in advance for any help! How do I tell if I've got to much oxygen or to much propane?
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