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  1. Suggestions or criticism on the design or ideas for handle, I'm leaning towards stacked leather.
  2. Got my forge, and cart along with new burners done this past weekend
  3. If you can't buy it, work for it, or swap for it then you don't need it, word of wisdom from my dad 40 years ago.
  4. Thanks for the pic/ info that helps a ton. I am running a little on the lean side, Thank you Sir
  5. Hi everyone been a minute since my last inquiry on forge/burners popping that problem is solved, new issue that i can't find an answer to, I may be and probably am over looking it, i just cannot seem to locate the answer. Thanks in advance for any help! How do I tell if I've got to much oxygen or to much propane?
  6. Thanks everyone for all the info it has been a great deal of insight and knowledge that i lack as a newbie to forging, i will post my results when i get the t burners done. Thanks
  7. Thanks for the info, I will definitely give it a try and see how it goes!
  8. Mig tips 1 1/2" in bell ,yes centered, after it gets hot, yes vertical, I opened up the back exhaust more and raised my pressure to 5 psi that seemed to work this morning, thank you for your knowledge and help , i will run my forge like that and see what it does . Thanks again for your help!
  9. Blue flame is there and it doesn't dance around, or away, i have tried higher pressure just not in stages. Could my flares or, my 2" burner tube holders cause it, my flares do not fit tight inside the liner could this be part of my problem?
  10. 10" burners 2.5 psi, air intake is 1 1/4 " not 1 1/2" with 4, 1/4" set screws to brass caps tapped for 0.023tip. Do i need to be able to control my air intake?
  11. Yes some small flames, my air intake is 3/4"×1 1/2" reducing bell black iron gas fittings, sounds more like a pop and whistle mix, kind of like a venturi setup, i think.
  12. It was a typo on my part , thank you
  13. May I get my display name corrected to Charlie Jack if possible?
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