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  1. Thank you everyone for all the feedback. I purchased the knife off of Etsy ( I don't know if I should disclose the sellers name and store). I was really surprised when he told me that it was an "intentional groove" I quote "Also, I have checked with the blade smith on your claims of a crack, it is not a crack according to him it is a groove that is intentional" . It is one thing to overlook a defective product, but to make up claims that such a flaw and defect is intentional.... I may not know everything about forging a blade but I know that a knife should not have a cavity on the
  2. Hello Everyone. I would like an experienced opinion on what is wrong with this blade. I recently purchased a large Damascus steel knife, but upon receiving the knife I noticed it had a cavity on the edge of the blade. The seller insists that this is normal and was intended by the blade smith. He says it is an "intentional groove". Why would anyone put a groove into the edge of a blade?? I feel like it is a mistake ,most likely from the forging of the damascus, and the seller should admit it as such. Why would anyone put a groove into the edge of a blade?? Thank you for your input.
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