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  1. We are in our first month of production together. Right now all the money we get with the knives will return in equipment to the workshop. We are producing the same style because we are reusing 1070 steel from log saws with thickness about 1,5mm, this limits the number of styles and different uses for the knives we make. But the idea with the new equipment and with the forged knives we put our own style in our own work. We work in the same city, Belém do Pará - Brazil. Actually we are the first bladesmiths from here that work with handmade knives.
  2. 285/5000 My first knife, made with the instructions of a friend of mine who already produces his own pieces. 8-inch blade, 1070 steel, reused from log saws, treated with manganese phosphate. Sheath also entirely produced by me. I'll appreciate your comments and suggestions. https://www.instagram.com/cassiomsilvestre/ VID-20200714-WA0030[1].mp4
  3. Thanks, man. Appreciate. I share a workshop with a friend and he is selling all his blades with manganese phosphate treatment. Now I'm thinking to sell my pieces with satin finish and so we can sell pieces to the same client that wants to have both finishes.
  4. What do you guys think about, in terms of preference, advantages, resistance, aesthetics, market, and so on? I am a newbie and trying to decide which way I'll go on producing and sell my pieces. Thank you.
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