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  1. Sorry for bringing up an old topic, but was having a browse and noticed this. When there isn't a pandemic going on I normally work within an armoury department for the UK film industry (though usually doing leatherwork). I did not have any involvement in this particular movie but personally know the team who did and have worked with them many times on other films. I certainly recognise the imdb names and am friends with many of them! In this case I believe the hero swords were made in house. Rather than individual craftspeople working from their own workshop, each department is bro
  2. This is great, just read through from the start and that is one pretty blade
  3. Thanks for the kind words all That's a nifty looking trick. I am basically still a novice when it comes to forging and finding my way a bit- with these I start with 3 or 4mm flat stock, so the main work I do with the forge is drawing out the tang and the tip, and try to establish the bevels as best I can, but the thickness is already there pretty much and any substantial distal taper I do during grinding. To be honest stock removal would probably make more sense but I really enjoy the forging aspect and would love to get better at this. I assume I would need to
  4. Cheers Alan! Have noticed that you always take the time to offer feedback, I've seen some of the spectacular stuff you can make and it is greatly appreciated. I would love to attempt integral bolsters at some point, though I suspect my current skills are way off and i'm sure there will be an awful lot of cock ups along the way... Thanks, only simple things but I am glad you like them. That one is yew and I also think it is nicest of the bunch- got quite lucky with the nice grain! Alex
  5. Hi all, Here is a batch of lockdown projects just finished. These are all late medieval style eating knives and sheaths. The blades are all just very simple designs forged from 1075+cr, with as close to a flat grind as I could get. The handles are a mixture of apple, laburnum, yew and walnut, with brass pins and bolsters, and the sheaths are all inspired to some degree by originals from 'knives and scabbards', though not exact copies. Since making the blades I have acquired a lot more reference for this kind of knife, and in retrospect they are a little br
  6. Thanks all I saw a review of a Tod's Workshop messer where the pommel was brazed and wanted to try something similar, though in this case was silver soldered. Not quite as strong of course, but should be plenty strong enough I hope..
  7. Hi all, Just finished another lockdown project, only a small piece but the biggest blade I can currently heat treat and a milestone project for a noob like me! This is a late 15th/early 16th century messer. I've always liked the little Breughal inspired peasant knives that a few people have made replicas of, and also the Wakefield hangers, so smash those two designs together and you get this. The dates are of course a little out but not by much so hopefully It looks like something historically plausable. I don't know if there's some weird perspective thing or what going on bu
  8. Thanks for the kind words all While I have tried to file in some detail to match it with everything else, it is essentially just two two components soldered together, so I suppose I mean in terms of construction really. Thankyou, while I am new to blades and certainly no blacksmith I am lucky enough to make things for a job so have a little experience with working with tools and particulary leatherwork . It is only because of quarantine that I have had the time to spend on this! Cheers Alex
  9. Hi all, I have just joined here but been reading and browsing for quite a while. I've been making knives for around half a year now, with this being number ten (and eleven), but this is my first big one that isn't a simple little eating knife so wanted to share. This is 15th/16th century German style Bauernwehr, I say style as it is not copied from anything in particular and i'm sure there will be something i have not done quite right, but I hope it looks the part. I have done this as a three piece set in the manner of medieval hunting sets, so there is a little byknife and pricker
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