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  1. Thanks for the kind words all While I have tried to file in some detail to match it with everything else, it is essentially just two two components soldered together, so I suppose I mean in terms of construction really. Thankyou, while I am new to blades and certainly no blacksmith I am lucky enough to make things for a job so have a little experience with working with tools and particulary leatherwork . It is only because of quarantine that I have had the time to spend on this! Cheers Alex
  2. Hi all, I have just joined here but been reading and browsing for quite a while. I've been making knives for around half a year now, with this being number ten (and eleven), but this is my first big one that isn't a simple little eating knife so wanted to share. This is 15th/16th century German style Bauernwehr, I say style as it is not copied from anything in particular and i'm sure there will be something i have not done quite right, but I hope it looks the part. I have done this as a three piece set in the manner of medieval hunting sets, so there is a little byknife and pricker too. The blades are forged from 1075+cr (bauernwehr) and 1080 (other two), with mild steel fittings and yew handle scales. The sheath is multi pocketed to hold all three pieces, and has tooled vine decoration and a simple fabricated steel chape. The whole point of this was as an experimental learning process really so I tried to pick a knife with as many new things as possible. Probably took much longer than it should have done but I am pleased with the final result and lots learnt for the next one. Any critiques much appreciated as I am very new to this and finding my way a bit, I hope you like it! Cheers Alex
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