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  1. I used 1095 because I got a pretty good price on it. Before I heat treated it I picked up a little pyrometer from Harbor Freight, I normalized it twice, brought it up to about 1480 to to 1500 and kept it there for about 10 minutes (in the forge out of the forge, in the forge out of the forge) quenched in preheated canola oil then tempered it twice at 400 degrees for 2 hours.
  2. This is the very first knife that I made from concept to cutting. This little fella has taught me more than all the reading I could find. 1st. I looked for patterns in as many places as I could, ended up using a little of this, a little of that and drawing out what I thought would make a usable EDC piece. 2nd. Filing bevels with a homemade filing jig and a file take a LONG time. 3rd. Even plunge lines a a bigger if you do it by eye. 4th. Sand your metal as smooth as you can BEFORE YOU HEAT TREAT IT. 5th. Pick a handle material that you know you'll like. If you don't l
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