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  1. Well Billy, that’s a great question, any time I've attempted to influence my wife, in my favor, by the subtle use of wine, has not gone well. Sooo I’m thinking better to ask for forgiveness rather than permission and have the wine myself
  2. Your wife, whom I’m sure is an intelligent, supportive and understanding partner, is, well, simply wrong. I, on the other hand dabble in the dark art of bladesmithing for a couple of hours over the weekend in an 8x14 space with little to no opportunity for expansion. I could take over my twin 6 year old daughters play room however thinking my intelligent, supportive and understanding (at the minute) partner may have a differing version of “need”. Hmmm, power hammer. Maybe I might see how much clarity another glass of red may bring.
  3. Hmmm, thinken I’m gunna need a bigger shed. Urggg
  4. I’ve had this for a while but modified it to be vertical and added the slightly over engineered rest. I’ve had a couple of goes at grinding some 6m mild steel flat bar and it all works well, thinking I need a more solid platen, though.
  5. Anyhow after finishing the rest of the bottle and halfway through the second one, this is the result. It all started from wanting a 10c rivet. I blame you all for fostering this obsession.
  6. Tongs ll. I feel a bit of a fraud. These were part of a set of Rapid Tongs I purchased after half a bottle of Shiraz and looking through eBay. Came in a set of five, these being the simplest and smallest. I knocked them up in around 45 minutes, really pleased with the outcome. Makes the world of difference having a set of tongs and making both pairs as a set.
  7. Thanks Charles, I really want to move my learning forward quickly, just my nature. Thinking time spent with people who know what there doing will provide this.
  8. Great suggestion Daniel, I’ve enrolled in blacksmithing/bladesmithing course for beginners in Melbourne Australia, COVID is the blocker at the minute. It’s a fare investment $500aus, but thinking it will really kick on the skills required. There’s also a local artisan blacksmith offering lesson for $50 an hour, not sure which way to jump. I think the opportunity to network (hate that term) would a great advantage. You Tube and BSF been great tutors but I’m thinking standing beside someone who actually knows what there doing would be invaluable. It’s Saturday here tomorrow and I’m keen to bang out two sets of tongs (maybe just one set of really good ones) hmmm see how I go. I know I bang on about this, but I truly love this forum and the effort every takes to give there support and feedback. happy hammering
  9. Thanks for your great feed back and support Daniel and Jerrod. I dipped my toe in the murky depths of bladesmithing a couple of months ago with little spare time and cash, but with a relatively small investment I’ve started what I know now is something I want to pursue. Bladesmith forum has been a wonderful resource for which I will be forever grateful. Ive just learnt to google search using BSF in the search followed by the topic, incredibly powerful resource. I’ve spent hours thinking through how to fabricate a bevel jig only to learn I've wasted my time. Better to spend time behind the grinder and freehand. It’s become obvious there are no shortcuts in this journey. Time with the hammer, anvil and finishing tools are now my tutors.
  10. Hi Gerhard, I’m certainly no expert however I have had some success recently with a Venturi burner. My set up used 1” black pipe, 8” long attached to this cast Venturi. You’ll see the fitting in the Venturi that the mig tip attaches to so it sits around halfway in the flare. The other end is a 2” flare. The mig tip is a 1.2mm. I run it around 7psi and it gets HOT.
  11. Hi Antony, like you I’m very much a beginner. I’ve bought one of those grinder/linisher attachments from Hare and Forbes in Melbourne Australia, about $240, I think it’s great. I did have it running with a wire wheel in the opposing spindle, the vibration made it unusable, removed the wire wheel and it runs perfectly. The tracking adjustment is sensational. Having said all of that I’m yet to grind a knife with it, nor have I ground any other knife. I’ve moved it over to the left hand side of the grinder, installed it vertically so as the platan faces forward. I’m going to fabricate a table and a file guide before I attempt my first grind. Juju
  12. Thanks again for your great advise Danial and Alan. Used the tongs today, can’t tell you the difference it makes (obvious I know) great for square stock, not so much with round. Next pair will be V tongs. Only disappointment is that it taken me 58 years to realize how much fun this all is. I’m impatient to start on a knife, I’m still thinking my skills aren’t what they need to be. I’ll make a couple of more sets of tongs, it really helps with developing skills, then give it a crack. Once again I’m so appreciative of all the feed back and advise. Happy hammering.
  13. Ok, not perfect but sooo happy with the result. I now have tongs. Next job, better tongs, thinking it will be so much easier with tongs and a small amount of experience.
  14. As an aside, I pulled the bloody forge to bits again today. The outcome is that I now have a pass through and the burner flare is now flush with the interior lining. Not perfect, but best I could do without a complete rebuild.
  15. Great feedback Dan, thanks so much for your time and kind words. I did intend on making the pairs together from the same piece of stock, foolish, I know that now but I guess it’s all part of the learning. Would be way easier if I had tongs, hmmm. I CANNOT believe I buggered up that third step down, also can’t believe I didn’t know! Any how it was surprisingly easy to fix, I had thought I needed to start over. I’ve completed one side and made the necessary corrections and drawn out the rains to 12”, so about 16” overall, and can say I’m really happy with the result. Thinking your note around attaching them with a bolt prior to riveting is genius.
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