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  1. Ok so second knife is done (other than putting an edge on it) much better outcome than the first. That decarb paste worked a treat, thanks for the tip Alan. I’m so pleased with the result, still have much learn but whilst not perfect, it’s pretty good.
  2. So, ground to 120, tangs in good shape, choil is good shape. Spine is still to thick (urgg) it’s not far away but want to get it right. Makes me anxious about normalizing. Have ordered decarb paste (expensive but I believe it lasts a long time) if read mixed reviews about borax, dunno.
  3. Back for round two. Much more confident this time having learnt from the last go. Has taken about 4 hours to get it to this stage.
  4. just included a couple of photos if you weren’t able to open the video
  5. Thanks for your encouragement Brian, it’s my favorite thing to do.
  6. So, maybe 4 months ago I started by building a forge, bought an anvil, made an anvil stand, fashioned three hammers and four sets of tongs (slotted jaw tongs are my absolute favorite) mucked around trying to develop some skills and the following is the result. The good; overall pleasant lines handle is beautiful The bad; spine is too thick choil is poorly shaped the brass collar is a poor fit in part the heel is poorly formed The ugly theres a tiny crack At the point there’s a grind mark close to the collar the fit bet
  7. Thank you all for your kind words. Alex I’ve taken the blade down to 240, so wished I had of gone to 400 prior to ht. Magnetic knife holder worked a treat but it obviously attracts the waste from sanding, thinking it will cause issues with scratching. Alan, 1075 started off at 5.4 mm, there available a 3.4 mm version for next blade. What is anti scale powder? Billy, I’m assuming we live in different hemispheres and time zones making the posts a little difficult to coordinate.
  8. Just as an aside, I had a magnetic knife rack hanging around, it was brilliant to hold the blade whilst hand sanding. Not sure if there is a reason not to do this, but really worked well. its ok, you can thank me later
  9. Ok, firstly my apologies for the ever frequent posts, I’m all a bit anxious. I read a lot in the fit and finish posts (love the idea of a water cooled grinder) as to what to do post hardening and thought best thing to do was hand sand. I’ve built a couple of boats before, 30% timber, 20% resin, 50% sandpaper, I like hand sanding. First grind pre heat treat was at 120, thinking next time I’d take it to 240, Sanding out the “vertical” grind lines is tedious. Next time I would leave some meat on the shallow end of the blade, I was lucky the blade stayed true during the hardening process. I’m thi
  10. Just gave it a quick grind, being careful to keep it cool. Just hardened the blade, went really well. A file scatted off and gave that ring of heard on videos. No cracks or warps. It’s off to the oven now. I’m so excited, it’s like being a kid on Christmas morning.
  11. Not sure if anyone is online at the minute, but I just normalized again and it developed scale only on one side, should I grind it out now or just go to temper and do it after?
  12. Thanks so much for your advice, thinking I’m going to do as you suggest. I started to forge out the tang but things got pear shaped quickly do I decided to cut it off with the angle grinder then grind. So a bit more like stock removal rather than bladesmithing, but what the hey, whatever works. I still have a long way to go with my hammer and anvil skills. I did forge out the rest of the knife and couldn’t be happier with the outcome.
  13. So, some things I need to consider. The spine is currently 2.5mm, clearly to thick. I’m anxious about the heat treat, I couldn't bare the thought of the blade failing at this point. I’m sooo happy with the blade at the moment and I’m thinking spending more time thinning down the spine could compromise the blade and equally cause an error with the grind. Do I just accept what it is, or strive for a more “perfect” result? I should have spent more time at the anvil thinning down the stock. Grinding is tedious but rewarding. You start with this scaled hammered thing, looking somethi
  14. Not bad, not bad at all for a newbie. Having said that self praise is no recommendation. Over to you all for appraisal. Going to normalize again then heat treat.
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