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  1. Yesterday prepped, Tig welded and drew out a couple Go Mai billets. Today forged in bevels on two cut out Chefs from yesterday and forged out a 19 inch Wrought mai. I've missed hitting hot steel, since I've been working on my press so much which is probably a couple hours from being done. I had to do one knife for an order so why not do a little extra.
  2. Well I finished 8 knives, started quite a few more and I'm waiting for plumbing parts for a press build. Probably my favorite (first try) is a multi bar twist and stop I hope it counts, blade is about done handle isn't. I have improvements to make, but I like the patterns and variations you can make. Next are a San mai chef,a frame handle Bowie with a 10 + inch blade, probably with my best file work to date and a Mosaic chef knife. 2021 more complex Damascus.
  3. Thank you @Rich Bostiga I plan on starting with my control valves factory relief setting of 1500 psi which should put me at 15 tons with my combination. I'm also using a pressure gauge to help monitor and use for adjusting. I'll definitely be paying close attention.
  4. Worked on setting up the press got it into location a little sketchy. Now as I assemble I can order hoses, buy all the electrical and build a foot pedal (mostly built already) and figure out the rest maybe something to catch scale, hose protection....
  5. Here's something I sent off yesterday a customer requested design. Haven't done a stock removal knife in a while. Bog Oak, Wrought iron, red liners and stainless pins with a 52100 blade.
  6. Thank you for the heads up. I'm only going to be running a 3 hp motor so fingers crossed should come out to under 24 ton. I'll be keeping a close eye on it.
  7. Making progress on the hydraulic press slowly an hour or two here and there. 10 pounds of stick later.
  8. Joshua very cool, I have dreams of doing something similar one day.
  9. Yesterday. Didn't have to much time but I spent over an hour drilling two 1 1/4 holes in one inch plate. This is when my Daytona drill press could use more than 1/3 hp.
  10. @Joshua StatesThanks for the measurements I'm going to make it as tall as I can for my shed.
  11. @dragoncutlerythanks for the response. That makes sense.
  12. Question is bottom die height. My leaf spring power hammer is about 31 inches for the bottom die, anvil is about an inch lower the way it came and that's comfortable. My thought is about 35 inches, the work bench I stand at is just under 37 inches. Thanks
  13. Cut up some steel this weekend the one inch stuff I had my steel yard take care of for me. It helps to lay things out in there actual size. I definitely like cutting the steel better on my bandsaw than the abrasive saw.
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