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  1. @Francis Gastellu Thank you. Yes drilled/ milled the handle. It's a threaded thru tang with a nut pulling it tight It's slightly recessed. The kashira (I had to look that and nakago up) has 2 pins and is epoxied on. Threading the kashira could have been good.
  2. Thank you for the kind words Gentlemen. @Gary LT It's probably lighter than you think. The customer uses a pinch grip so I used heavier handle materials to help with balance. The balance point is just in front of the habaki. The weight is 15.44 oz and the blade at the habaki is .205 and mid way .142. Finally to answer your question .005 nickel and I started with a 3/16 core and 1/4 inch outer layer 1 1/2×4 1/2 drawn-out to about 18 inches.
  3. Did some grinding on the integral Bowie it went from .350 to .250
  4. Thank you @Alan Longmire I appreciate that very. A203 scale is hard to grind, but gives cool activity.
  5. Finally finished the Wakizashi brisket slicer. Longest blade yet first habaki (made twice) there were some challenges, but I'm very happy with the outcome. Blade cutting edge just over 14 inches, Go mai construction core steel 52100 with a nickel shim and A-203 outer layer. Handle is ancient bog oak with a wrought iron tsuba and patinad copper cherry blossom overlays and copper fittings.
  6. I made some progress on the Wakizashi brisket slicer and took a step back when I found a crack in the habaki. The second habaki went better and the solder joint was much better. The shot of my attempt at "cherry blossoms " will be soldered on the Tsuba. Then what's up next teaser.
  7. Made some progress on my meat slicer Wakizashi project. A lot of firsts in this project. Some information is a bit difficult to find especially doing something new when you may not even know the right question. I do have a friend thats helping but I don't want to were that out he's busy.
  8. Some Habaki progress yesterday. I still need to tighten it up, braze and final shaping. My first Habaki. Work harden anneal repeat. Hopefully my Tsuba ideas will work.
  9. Made some progress yesterday on the Wakizashi meat slicer ground in the top bevel and hand sanded the day before. A203, nickel 52100 core about 14.5 inches.
  10. Worked on an odd request today a Wakizashi meat slicer. San mai to match another knife A203, nickel, 52100. 14.5 inches long. It isn't going to be traditional, but I do want some traditional aspects. The core came out pretty good, but I'm going to do a little straightening.
  11. If you Google ceramic wool rigidizer you'll find some. I got mine at a local pottery supply I think it was silica based.
  12. Picked up this old Irvington cut off saw. I can't find any info about it only their wood saws from like 1939. My saw kept tripping my 20 amp breaker. I think this is 1hp (faded name plate) way more powerful than my 15amp saw. I unloaded by myself luckily it came apart. I'll guess the base is about 200lb and the top 150lb. I paid $250.00 it still needs some love. 20230425_164553.mp4
  13. I've been using Magnacut`s carbon cousin Apex ultra it's similar in price way more than I usually spend. The edge retention is great and horrible to hand finish it's edge retention is 4 compared to Magnacut 5. Luckily I've done San mai so 3.5 to 4 inches can yield a 9 inch knife and I'm finishing less Apex. I haven't pushed the buy button on Magnacut yet. I think it's for knife enthusiasts who know.
  14. Yesterday I went to Mastersmith Ray Rybars shop. First so much equipment/ history really cool to see. Next I saw people I knew, made some friends and met a few people. They were demoing hammer making, forge welding a hawk, making black sand into steel and my two favorites Barry Lee Hands engraving (he made it look easy) so talented and James Rodebaugh going over Journeyman testing standards.
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