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  1. Here's something I've been working on. I picked up this possibly Craftsman/ Atlas bench top metal lathe for $60.00 with no motor. I've been wanting one just cause. I put a 1 hp sewing machine motor with a vfd on it. I also have a drill chuck coming and handle. I'm learning a lot. I'm going to be up to $210.00 so I feel pretty good about that. There's Girl math already, I'm going to start "Knifemaker math". 8
  2. That looks great Josh. Only drywall on the flat sides I hope. What a shop view
  3. Here's mine. I mostly use the bottom two left and top right petty. Top left was my 3rd knife 52100 with a coffee finish. Tim Hancock showed me how to drill out a hidden tang and ideas for butt cap attachment, for my first lesson. It's a great chopper. Bottom three are 52100. Bottom left was an experiment. I started with .080 I think, It cuts well. One or two strokes on a ceramic hone and there're ready to cut tomatoes if they weren't. I don't sharpen very often. I do all the cooking. I worked in restaurants for many years and had a little deli. Food is why I started making knives. Gilbert
  4. Some work on the daughter's knife. At 320 with my antique finish.
  5. Added to the Father and son set. Mom said that the daughter would be jealous(and it wasn't fair) , so we added one for her. Did the grinding last week and some bronze wire inlay over the weekend. Still need to grind in the clip and all need hand sanding/sharpening. Started out with Bird and trout in my mind with the last one, not sure what I would call it. Sometimes I see issues in photo's that I missed. Just ran out into the shop for a minute.
  6. Got a few hours of work in this week, on the Father and Son Knife set. Cut some grooves in sons knife.
  7. Thank you @Alan Longmire I appreciate the acknowledgement. First one of this style, since I mostly do kitchen stuff. It's the style I like. So I had do it.
  8. Some progress on one of the father and son knives. Getting close.
  9. Yesterday I heat treated this father and son knife set made from railroad track. Had a few minutes to grind on one of them today. I normally wouldn't use an mystery steel. It got hard. They are from a sliver of a log holder the Grandfather (who worked for the railroad) made.
  10. Tongs. Oh boy. I don't have very many, maybe 20. They are pretty task specific. There's "Kens iron" if you wanted to make your own. For a reasonable price I like the "Billy" https://piehtoolco.com/contents/en-us/search.html?searchphrase=tongs&start_page=1&searchFormSortBy=R-A&searchFormRootUse=A tong line. V bit and box jaw are my most commonly used tongs.
  11. I would look at https://atlasknife.com/product/atlas-30k-burner/ I haven't used them, but they have gotten reputable reviews. Personally I would get some fire bricks to close off the ends a bit . You can mess with that as you see how it runs. I would also coat the wool ,with satanite or a castable or at least a rigidizer. Personally I would cut my losses and make the best of it. I can explain more on anything if you like. Gilbert Hopefully you are in the USA
  12. @Francis Gastellu Thank you. Yes drilled/ milled the handle. It's a threaded thru tang with a nut pulling it tight It's slightly recessed. The kashira (I had to look that and nakago up) has 2 pins and is epoxied on. Threading the kashira could have been good.
  13. Thank you for the kind words Gentlemen. @Gary LT It's probably lighter than you think. The customer uses a pinch grip so I used heavier handle materials to help with balance. The balance point is just in front of the habaki. The weight is 15.44 oz and the blade at the habaki is .205 and mid way .142. Finally to answer your question .005 nickel and I started with a 3/16 core and 1/4 inch outer layer 1 1/2×4 1/2 drawn-out to about 18 inches.
  14. Did some grinding on the integral Bowie it went from .350 to .250
  15. Thank you @Alan Longmire I appreciate that very. A203 scale is hard to grind, but gives cool activity.
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