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  1. I should have said nice pattern. With soft spots I've experimented (some success) with cold bluing and then back in the ferric to match color.
  2. I think it looks like a random hamon. I wonder if your quenchant was fast enough. Just a guess. Looks like soft spots.
  3. If I was making a Bowie knife I wouldn't mind seeing more overhang maybe the thickness of a couple layers of duct tape. On a hidden tang kitchen knife sometimes I'll use painters tape (thin stuff) sand to that and just break the edges. Maybe you could cut a thin strip for your tang. Having said that most woods I use are stabilized or very stable like rosewoods.
  4. Thank you for for the comments gentlemen. It might be my favorite so far.
  5. Finished up this Mosaic Chef knife yesterday. I really like how you can see the forging in the pattern. 8.125×2.125 inch blade with a Damascus bolster, g10 and silver spacers and a Spalted Maple handle.
  6. Finally got to the knife I glued up Christmas eve. Done with grinder work on to hand sanding today and probably some void filling since it is Spalted maple.
  7. Sunday I gave myself a couple Christmas presents. I've been wanting to get organized this really helped. A tool cart and small tool box just for knife making drill bits and milling bits.
  8. Yes integral. I started with 1 1/8 I used that because I had been having so much trouble pulling down the heel. I think 1 inch would be ok now. Here it is with some profiling and tang grinding.
  9. Finished forging this chef knife yesterday. I've struggled with these, but feel like it's coming together now. As forged.
  10. Yesterday finished up this forged wrought iron letter opener with a Mesquite handle. It's a Christmas gift for a family member. I gave it a slight antique finish.
  11. Finally finished the cu Mai knife this was my first try at it and I was very happy with the results. The blade is A203,copper,15N20,copper and a 26C3 core. The handle is African blackwood with a peened copper pin and an A203/copper bolster. My photography is still lacking ,but I'm working at it. Wow I just figured out drag and drop.
  12. Yesterday I finished up my Argentine grill build. I have a Pitmaster customer who gave me some guidance.
  13. Tried something different that I've been interested in. San mai with A203,copper, 15n20,copper with a 26c3 core. Needs a little more grinding and I need to figure out etching better.
  14. Yesterday I surface ground two of three I finished Saturday. The random one needs a little more grinding.
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