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  1. Well the other day I finished up the post vise, today fit up a hunter and did some grinding
  2. Just about done one issue and I need to add a couple tool holders. The issue is the movable jaw only opens to 1 1/4 inch until it needs help, mostly the issue I believe is rust in the pivot area. I do think 1 1/4 inch will be fine it wasn't moving at all to start with. I may try some evaporust I've never used it then possibly re bending the spring. It rolls around nicely. Oh also some sort of protection maybe a clear oil based paint.
  3. @Gayton Arrigottithat forge above is PID with no safety and can easily hold 5 degrees or less accuracy. This one is PID and safety. On that second forge (first picture) I skipped the safety a friend told me you don't leave your forge unattended anyways. I would be happy to help with safety and or PID.
  4. I agree with all low back pressure causes ignition behind the ribbon burner. Mine can easily do it if I'm not careful, it has happened when I try to get down below 1300f . I wonder if you could shorten your plumbing and remove a 90* bend by turning that initial 90* (at the burner) almost 180* and switching the side the blower is on that could give you better flow. I use a blower like yours with the smaller of my 2 forges I wouldn't use on the bigger forge.
  5. I rebuilt my stripped box, but I had the original also made a thrust washer and attached a new screw. The wrought on mine is super clean I'll save it for special projects. By the way my screw is 1 1/4 inch.
  6. Yesterday did some grinding on an experimental Z-wear/ stainless blade and some light chopping into a carved buffalo horn. Also I cut welded doors on the Argentine grill and layed out the vents.
  7. A little more progress. I welded the nut on to the screw box. I really need to work on my Argentine grill.
  8. Update I got the acme screw and nut there're action is really smooth. I cut the screw shaft off and drilled a 3/8 inch hole in it and cut about a 3/4 inch slot then ground the acme screw to fit. I also made a thrust washer (1 1/4 inch hole through 1/2 inch plate with 1/3 hp drill press no fun). Next is attaching the nut to the screw box.
  9. @Alan Longmire That's a cool tip with the brown sugar. Great forum
  10. Congratulations Josh . Nice job making it more challenging with a Dagger.
  11. Thank you @Alan Longmireand @Charles dP Alan I really like the idea of standing on the base plate though 30 inches may be big in my area. Charles I think I'll use some rod with sections on at least part of the table similar to what I have on my anvil good idea.
  12. @Charles dPI like the foot idea. A thought was a 35 or 45 pound plate for weight lifting or some other shape and wheels and a table big enough to hold a hammer. Where I forge it needs to be portable.
  13. Well last weekend I picked up a 5 inch "Iron city" post vise I'm happy with the condition other than the screw and screw box. I have a 1 1/4 inch 4 tpi rod and nut on the way I couldn't find 3 tpi, but I think it will be fine. My plan is to cut 1 1/4 inch off the screw box with a bevel for surface area and weld the 1 1/4 nut on as well as replacing the screw thread shaft. First I'll practice on some wagon wheel wrought with 7018 rod (my favorite) if that doesn't work I'll try some 309l. Still trying to figure out a stand it, needs to be movable. Here it is. This will be slow. Edit I just fou
  14. Not today but a hunter or EDC with guard I'm working on and a post vise I picked up this weekend. Vise needs repairs but it will be an improvement from the light weight 4 inch one I have.
  15. If it's mostly the darker harder wood I think it will hold up great. I have a mesquite handled kitchen knife I rarely oil that was originally treated with tung oil several years ago it hasn't moved or discolored. I use a butcher block oil/wax combination to maintain.
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