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  1. Yesterday. Didn't have to much time but I spent over an hour drilling two 1 1/4 holes in one inch plate. This is when my Daytona drill press could use more than 1/3 hp.
  2. @Joshua StatesThanks for the measurements I'm going to make it as tall as I can for my shed.
  3. @dragoncutlerythanks for the response. That makes sense.
  4. Question is bottom die height. My leaf spring power hammer is about 31 inches for the bottom die, anvil is about an inch lower the way it came and that's comfortable. My thought is about 35 inches, the work bench I stand at is just under 37 inches. Thanks
  5. Cut up some steel this weekend the one inch stuff I had my steel yard take care of for me. It helps to lay things out in there actual size. I definitely like cutting the steel better on my bandsaw than the abrasive saw.
  6. Really nice stuff there Joshua
  7. I didn't see your treatment after forge welding. Thermal cycles? I think San mai is a very stressed steel.
  8. Here's something I made for a friend over the last couple week ends (never enough time or money) he wanted a hand digging pick with some weight. We picked out a 6lb splitting maul and I went off a vintage miners hand pick design. It's really heavy to me and I'm not small, but he liked the weight.
  9. I kept looking on Craigslist and Offer up and found a greenlee 4x6 65 inch vert/horizontal I use bi metal blades (6 months and going) from Amazon there like 25 bucks. I also have a 14 inch wood/ metal saw, but just use that for wood the 93 inch blades are a bit pricey. Check out this Vintage craftsman bench top bandsaw. Ill give the industrial cart with it 100 for $80 on OfferUp https://offerup.com/item/detail/894595777/
  10. Chris that's a nice leather working station. Josh thanks for the vise jaw tip . I think I will contact Jeremy I've been thinking about it, but thought for now I would go with the less expensive manual option.
  11. Got a few deliveries this week now I can start to making more exact plans for the Hydraulic press. Not a phone book,but this is how I felt when the cylinder showed up.
  12. @Pieter-Paul Derks Thanks for the idea. That's sort of the idea I used with my quench plates.
  13. Thank you all for your responses. Daniel fair condition could be generous the worm gear does have some damage but only in a very open position. Alan thanks for the tip to use the top of the jaws, I've made a few hammers it's my cheat to avoid punching a hole. In this case I'm working on a hand miners pick to butter up my local scrapyard manager, I have a hydraulic press build coming up. Matt I think I will go with the copper jaw covers seems like a simple effective fix thank you. I do like my vise and have been basically happy with it, I like antiques so using one is cool.
  14. Bruno it's beat up ,but works fine.
  15. Thank you very much for your input gentlemen. Chris I'm not expecting machinist quality just sometimes I fight to get a good grip on material the jaws are beat up on the inside as well. Bruno that vise looks heavy and I bet you could really crank it down tight with that long bar. I like your removable angle iron idea I'll probably try that first. Alan I'll give an example yesterday I was knocking the handle out of a hammer and had to keep adjusting every couple hits. Maybe I'm expecting to much. That's great information on the steel and wrought iron.
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