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  1. Since I have to haul all my tools out of the garage to forge in the driveway. I had to figure a way to keep my tools handy while working and be able to store when done. I made a folding rack that keeps my tools in one place and can fold up for easy storage. Just put tools in a bucket for storage. Hope someone in the same situation finds it handy. The frame is 1” angle and the cross members are 1.5” x 1/4. They are drilled out on the end 7/8 to go around 1/2 pipe with 1/2 all thread through and bolted to frame. The other end is 7/8 but cut out at an angle on bottom to connect to other end. You can see that in one of the pictures. Pipe and all thread can be used for the pivot and other end but I had rod with threaded ends already.
  2. Not a problem. It’s a 4” diameter jack hammer bit cut to 25”. I don’t remember why 25” but I had a reason 10 years ago. The hardy took as long as the assembly. I drilled 1/8 holes in the corners, then various bits to 1” in center. I used harbor freight step bit, go slow. Then I drilled another 1/8 hole on each side of the corner. Then hacksaw out the corners through the holes. Then a a few hours with a file to flatten the sides. First and probably last hardy hole
  3. Had some time today. Decided to go with my original plan. It’s pretty solid and it will be nice to have a vise and hardy by my anvil. Thanks for the replies
  4. Yeah, I’m probably overthinking this and trying to do too much. I will look at some other designs. Thanks
  5. First post. Started interest in bladesmithing about 12 years ago and read this forum all the time. Got some equipment and even made a few knife shaped objects. Well life happens, get married, lose job, go back to school, get new job, get better job and jump neck deep in rat race. Now quarantine, chance to slow down and put things in perspective. Time to clean garage and go through tools and past hobbies. It’s easier with a welder now. I would like to do some blacksmithing occasionally. Changed out the fire pot in homemade forge and replaced my anvil (4” jack hammer bit) stand. Now I need to make a stand for a vise and figure put a hardy hole on the top. I have a 3/8 wall 4” tube for support and a 1” steel plate for the top that is 4” wide and I’m figuring 7” long. Also some 1” ID 1/4” tube for horizontal hardy. I found the ID pipe to attach my Cole Manufacturing vise to the side. I know the base is a little small at 14” but I’m bolting it to 18”, 1” thick plate for now until I can get something bigger. I want to be able move it. Have to forge in driveway. Just wanted to see if there are any suggestions or ideas that would make it better.
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