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  1. Update! So I ended up hanging it on a 36. It was too long and I didn’t feel in control. Took it off and hung it on a 32 Link from the hardware store that actually had pretty good grain orientation and feels more natural. I thinned the handle to my liking. Rehanging a few times was good practice though. I sharpened by hand with a stone, but know it could be much sharper if I start with a file. I didn’t notice that some linseed oil had ran its way onto the head. Made it a little gummy in a few spots (the dark dirty spots). Anyone have a good recommendation for removing linseed / tree sap / etc. from the head? Favorite cleaning methods? I know it’s probably the wrong place to be asking.
  2. I really appreciate all this info! Thank you all so much for the history lesson! He had it on what I think was a 30 or 36 inch handle. I’ll look at it tonight. It was in rough shape. My guess is he used it to chop wood for the stove in his workshop. So where’s everyone’s favorite place to get handles?
  3. Thanks guys! Yeah, it's in the second image at the point of the eye. I'll try to grab closer shot with my camera tomorrow morning. I'll do what you say though...grab a handle and put it on the wall. I'll go take a look at the other head sitting in his workshop. Thanks again. I appreciate your opinions and the info! I'll vinegar the heck out of the other one before I start rust removal.
  4. Hi all,I found my Grandpa’s rusty axe sitting in his shed. I think there’s another rusty head sitting in his workshop, but I'll have to go back to find it. (He passed away last year. A carpenter by trade, and an amazing woodworker) I thought I’d try to restore his axe as best I could. I really know nothing about axes or much about restoration. I’ve mostly been going by YouTube videos to get an idea of what I would have to do. It looks like it’s probably just a craftsman or at least that’s what the handle told me. Baltimore Jersey? But even if it’s not a great axe, it’s sentimental for me. Anyway, I let the head sit in vinegar over night which loosened up much of the rust. Then used a cup brush to get rid of the rest, but had to switch to a file. I know it’s pitted in spots, and I noticed an area where it looks like he may have had it filled. (It looks like there was a little chunk missing on the side at some point). After cleaning up the rust, I noticed a crack at the front of the eye on the bottom. Is this something that can be repaired by weld? If you think it's something that could be ground out and welded, I'll try to find a local welder. If you think it's too dangerous to fix and continue to use, I'll just finish sanding and hang it on the wall. Just wondering what you all think!Thanks!Dan
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