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  1. Wow all my 56c 3450’s are gone. I have 1750’s left. I’ve been selling them fast on eBay
  2. Do you have a drive pulley yet? If so is it 5/8” or 7/8”. 56 frame motors are 5/8”. 145 frames are 7/8”. If you don’t have a drive pulley already you can use either. But if you have one then you need to get a motor with the right shaft. Also are you face mounting or base mounting?
  3. Yes you need a vfd to run them. If you want only 1 speed then you can get a single phase motor with no vfd. But with the vfd you run it from pretty slow to faster than the base Rpm of the motor. i got my KB electronics KBDA-27 off eBay for $340. You can use the cheaper vfd’s but the housing isn’t NEMA 4x protected. If you use one of the $100 ones, you’d need to put it in an enclosure to protect it from the grinding dust. around $22 for a 2hp to Alabama. $20 for a 1.5hp. $165 shipped for the 2hp. $145 for the 1.5hp. I’ve only got a few left. They have been selling really g
  4. I got another load of motors in if anyone is interested. From 1.5hp to 5hp. All new 3phase. Just let me know what parameters you’re looking for and I’ll tell you what I have. Thanks!
  5. That’s cool! I’m going to have to order some of the Cayuse juice. I like natural colors but the black does look good.
  6. Glad to meet you Alex! I learned a lot from our 2 hour conversation haha....my girlfriend is mad because today is my birthday and she made a lot of plans, and I’m late....lol. Let me know how the curly maple works for you. Now if you stabilize it, will the curly still show through?
  7. You’re very welcome. I’m new here and don’t really know how the forum works yet. I didn’t even know you responded till a guy that came down from Michigan to buy a motor from me told me that you responded lol. I have enough of that curly maple that I’ll die before I use it all. After you make a knife with it send a picture. Thanks!
  8. A smart guy once told me to use what you have when building from scrap. It’s almost always true. But here’s my situation. I have a 30 gallon compressor tank in great shape. Yes it’s 17” diameter and 28” long to the rounded ends. Yes that’s huge but.....I was at an auction the other day and there was this huge box of what looked like insulation. At first I really didn’t pay it any attention. It turns out it was 2600 degree ceramic insulation 2” thick, 48” wide and 12.5 feet long. Says 8 pound on it. I guess that’s the density? So what if I put 4” of insulation in then coat with refractory? Wou
  9. I have a massive supply of curly maple. I use it for just about everything. Give me your address and I’ll send you a box full of blocks.
  10. Hello all, I’m new to the forum, actually brand new to blade making. I was bit by the forged in fire bug. In my quest to find a motor for a 2x72 I happened upon a guy that did factory clean outs when they shut down. I ended up buying 25 motors from the guy. 1.5 to 3hp. All 3 phase, so if you’re going vfd they are perfect. Some 1725, some 3400-3600. 56c and 145T. The 56’s have 5/8” shafts and the 145!s have 7/8” shafts. All unimount. They have the mounting plate plus c-face mounting. All TEFC. All brand new in the box and will be test run on a vfd before sending out. Are all vfd’s
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