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  1. I should have said, my name is David. The website wouldn't accept David Johnson as my name - it seems you already have one.
  2. Hi everyone I am new on here. I am trying to find more information on how Bronze Age spearheads were fixed into a shaft. I should mention I am an artist but have for several years been collecting Cypriot antiquities and studying the archaeology, mostly from the Bronze Age (2500-1050 BC). I am giving my collection (http://ant.david-johnson.co.uk ) back to a museum in Cyprus (it was probably almost all looted from tombs originally) and I am working with an archaeologist to write the catalogue for the museum. I own 2 bronze spearheads, one (which has a hooked tang with a button end) from the Early Bronze Age I -II (2500-2100 BC), the other (socketed) from the Late Bronze Age III (1200 - 1050 BC). About the tanged one: I have heard that the hook in the tank was to stop the head from pulling out and that they were fixed into the the shaft by splitting the wood at the end, inserting the blade into a groove and binding the shaft with a cord. However my archaeological companion will not let me put this in the article without some proof this is an accepted idea (perhaps from experimental archaeology, preferably a book or paper). Have others heard this and has anyone an idea where I could go to get this information? I enclose a photo of the older blade (38cm long - ie 15"). If people are interested I will enclose a pic of the later blade (from about the time of the Trojan war).
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