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  1. Thanks Jake and Geoff. Ive got a couple of holes in the tang for epoxy to key into. I think ill leave carving the handle to the next one though .
  2. Im a beginner in all this and my first post. This is my 4 knife and Ill post a couple of other that are finished for some critique. I may have bitten off a bit much but inspired by my celtic heritage and Jake Clelands work on this forum I forged a sgain dubh. Then filed in a flat bevel and chose to do no riccaso. The blade is 1075 and 87mm long. The bolster is solid copper from my great grandfathers soldering iron. The handle is Australian blackwood- 95mm long not including the stone . I ground the stone i found on my local river and used angle grinder and hand sanded to cut and poli
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