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  1. Thanks everyone for all the advice! Do you know which model you mean? Other than that Grizzly doesn't supply to Australia, it would be good to know in case one ever pops up! The G1015, which seems to be suggested a lot, is $600 USD which once you convert to AUD is well past the budget unfortunately. Unless you're referring to either their 1x42 or 1x30 models? Total beginner question here but what exactly does bad tracking mean? I know tracking means getting the belt to stay centered over the platen so does bad tracking mean that while grinding the belt can m
  2. Hey everyone, Firstly, just wanted to say how great this forum has been. I'm a beginner, I've made now 5 or 6 knives that have been so much better for all the knowledge I've gotten from this forum. My first knives were made with what I had lying around - a handheld belt sander for woodworking that I turned upside down and clamped to the bench and it works fine (aka slow and ineffective but works with persistence) but I'm looking to upgrade to something a bit more suitable now that I know I like knifemaking. My question is: has anyone had any experience with a 2 x 36
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