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  1. Geoff, thank you very much for clarifying the term and honest opinion, we really appreciate it.
  2. Thank you all very much! Very interesting and useful comments. Lack of narrowing of the guard, i.e. it is now in the form of a plate, this is the result of the price, it was necessary to stay in the budget. More sophisticated forms require more time and work Handle will not slip out, of course, this is not the type of combat bowie that has protection against slipping out, like the battle bowie Bill Bagwell or similar, but it holds in your hand no worse than the old English ones, as here, starting from lot 87 and below http://www.jbrucevoyles.com/A114/A114 Page 1.html What is "distal taper" ?
  3. Oh, no, this is my friend, we are both from Russia. He would like to know the views of american blacksmiths, absolutely honest opinion. He has no time now to sit on forums unlike me.
  4. Hello, this is the first post on this forum. I learned about its existence only a few days ago, when I started looking for information about the master Chris Peterson, Salina, UT - I saw this knife at one of the auctions and it became very interesting to me how he created such an almost seamless pattern. I found a way to contact him, thanks to a post by Katrina Peterson. upload online photos Then I noticed this part of the forum and decided to write a message. I have a friend who makes knives. He doesn’t use the Internet very much, he is mainly engaged in work and hunting. He recently made an American-style bowie. I would like to hear criticism precisely about the style of work, the available decorative elements, the shape of the blade and other things. 9-inch blade, balance point on the index finger, all done manually.
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