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  1. Thanks. First - you"re right about my poor steel choise. When I ordered the D2 I only "knew" it was air hardening, and thought that meens get it to temp and out of the fire. silly me. But now I"m stuck with it. Here in Israel, It's extremely diffucult to get any steel other than O1. We have to mail order it from abroad, and pay an arm and a leg for shipment. So D2 it is. Jerrod - If I air quench, is there a difference between the normalizing and hardenind cycles (in your suggestion)? Do you mean all these are a minute at 1020c? Also - Will plate quench be beneficial? The main reason I went for D2 was I hoped air quench will eliminate the worping I always get when I oil quench thin blades. Does anyone know how plate quenching is in that respect? Thanks,
  2. Hi all, I need to HT a D2 blade (Nakiri) in a coal forge. The info I found calls for 1/2-1 hour of soaking at 1020c. It's very difficult to maintain steady temperature in a coal forge. Also - Isn"t there a problem of carbon loss at that atmosphere and time? How much "performance" do I lose if I go with shorter time? what do you suggest? Thanks
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