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  1. Fire striker "Gargoyle". High carbon steel, mild steel.
  2. Fire striker from high carbon steel and mild steel. All parts are joined together by soldering.
  3. Fire striker pendant "Thor hammer" Fire striker "Nails". High carbon steel and old soviet era nails.
  4. Fire striker "Drakkar". Fire strikers that are made with using forge welding.
  5. Fire strikers "Troll cross". High carbon steel and mild steel. All parts joined together by soldering. Solder - brass. Damascus steel fire striker. Black stripe - high carbon steel.
  6. Hello everybody. I am not knifemaker. Sometimes I am making axe heads but most of time - fire strikers. If it not fit for forum I am asking moderators to remove this post. But maybe it will be interesting to somebody. English is not my native. I make grammatical mistakes. Main material for my fire strikers - high carbon steel У10А ( similar to 1095 steel ) All my fire strikers from high carbon steel usually water quenched without tempering. This is the last one - "Bakunava". Bakunawa is a creature of Philippine mythology. Dragon that eating the Moon. Cause of lunar eclipses.
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